'Wanderlust' Writer Nick Payne Is Down For A Season 2, If He Can Get It

Whenever the credits roll on the season finale of a new Netflix show, viewers always have the same question: Will there be a Season 2? And after people watch Neftlix's latest drama, Wanderlust, a six-episode series about a couple trying out an open marriage, they will be surely wondering the same thing. So, will Netflix's Wanderlust get a Season 2?

If you live in the United States, you can watch Wanderlust on Friday, Oct. 19, when all six episodes drop on Netflix. But if you're in the United Kingdom, you may have already watched the entire first season, which aired weekly over the past two months on BBC One. Neither BBC One nor Netflix have commented on whether or not Wanderlust will be renewed, but should they decide to produce a second season, Payne would definitely be on board to write more for these characters. Earlier this month, Payne opened up about the possibility of another season in an interview with Culture Whisper.

"Sadly, it’s out of my hands. It ultimately depends on whether the BBC and Netflix will want it," Payne told Culture Whisper, when asked if Wanderlust would be getting another season. "The ending of the series, while I won’t say anything about it, ends on a question rather than an answer. It’s the biggest question of the whole thing. I hope it provides a closure to the question of the series, but it feels like the start of something else. I loved the cast and they’re all so good, so I could happily write for them again and again. I would love to do it if people were up for it. Feel free to spread the word!"

The relationship dramedy wasn't everyone's cup of tea, but plenty of viewers took to Twitter to express their love for the new series. "Started off thinking [Wanderlust] was about sex but it was actually about the impacts of death, grieving, psychology and the raw reality of relationships," one fan tweeted last week, right after the finale aired on BBC One. "If you thought it was sh*t you weren’t paying attention."

Another Twitter user agreed that the criticism for the show was confounding. "So many people seem to dislike this programme and I can’t understand why!? I don’t think it was slow or boring at all," she tweeted. "It seems like people don’t have the attention span for this kind of show which is a real shame because it was so raw and beautiful."

Many others specifically commented on what made the show so uniquely brilliant, pointing to its creative use of silence, realistic portrayal of marriage, and helping to normalize therapy.

Wanderlust, written by playwright Nick Payne, tells the story of Joy and Alan (played by Toni Collette and Steven Mackintosh), a married couple looking to spice up their barely-existent sex life. Joy, a therapist, suggests they do so by opening up their relationship to new partners. The show then chronicles Joy and Alan navigating an open marriage, which eventually brings the couple closer together. Viewers also get to know Joy and Alan's three children, who are exploring relationships of their own. Their 16-year-old son Tom has a particularly sweet romantic storyline throughout the six episodes.

So, folks, if you enjoy Wanderlust when it hits Netflix this weekend, feel free to tag Netflix and BBC in all your #Wanderlust live tweets.