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The Cast Teases The Fate Of 'The Magicians'

When you're dealing with a world full of magic, anything is possible. But as The Magicians has gone out of its way to prove time and time again, being able to perform magic doesn't always solve your problems. In fact, more times than not it ends up coming with a price. And now that the Season 2 premiere of The Magicians is about to debut, fans can't help but wonder what sort of horrors await our beloved Brakebills students in the coming weeks. Romper had a chance to speak to the cast, not only about what to expect throughout the season, but also if it leaves any room for there to be a Season 3 of The Magicians. And thankfully for us, it does!

The cast has been done filming since November, which means they all know how the Season 2 finale leaves things for their characters, and according to Stella Maeve, who plays Julia, you can't expect a pretty big cliffhanger that's guaranteed to leave viewers wanting more. "Oh do they ever," Maeve teases about said cliffhanger. "Sera Gamble and John McNamara, are you kidding me? Of course [they] had to put a cliffhanger in there." So even though there hasn't been any official confirmation from Syfy or producers, the writers certainly set you up as if there's more story to tell. And the cast is just as eager as you are to find out the show's fate.

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"Have you heard?," Olivia Taylor Dudley, who plays Alice asks eagerly, while Jason Ralph confessed that he too had no idea if a Season 3 is in the cards. (Get it? Because he loves magic card tricks?) However, he leaves it in the hands of the fans and encourages everyone to tune in every Wednesday to help make it happen. "Watch it. Pay for it," he states. Basically, do whatever you can to keep the show around. After all, fans may not attend Brakebills, but we are the ones who possess the magical power of turning a show into ratings gold.

The Season 1 finale left so many questions unanswered: are Alice and the others OK after the Beast's attack? Will Julia come to regret teaming up with this formidable villain? Is Penny going to be able to get his hands back? The possibilities are endless, but one thing's for sure — I want this show to stick around for as long as possible. Let's just hope that The Magicians will continue to put a spell on its viewers and make them irresistible to its charms.