'Workin' Moms' Might Become Your New Favorite Netflix Original

On Feb. 22, Workin' Moms will officially become a Netflix original, joining the ranks of its many critically acclaimed compatriots. But while the first season is getting a global debut on the streaming service, the third is already airing on CBC Television in Canada. Since the show is on both television and Netflix, figuring out if there will be a Season 4 of Workin' Moms is a little tricky.

The fact that CBC already renewed the show twice is promising, but it's unclear right now how Netflix complicates the situation. If CBC chose to cancel Workin' Moms for any reason, it's possible it could get picked up by Netflix and continue solely on streaming. But if it gets renewed, then it could stick to its current arrangement: premiering first on television, then shifting to streaming afterwards. There are so many variables at play that making a prediction about another season isn't easy.

Season 3 of Workin' Moms only started in January of this year, too. It's fairly early to be making a call about next season when only five episodes of this one have aired. Season 3's ratings could determine the fate of Season 4. And the network might not want to make an announcement until after the third season has reached its conclusion.

Fans of the show might not find it reassuring that its future appears to be in flux. But there's no reason to despair just yet. Workin' Moms is about to break out in a big way, which could earn it a legion of new fans. It also had critical praise from the beginning and that definitely works in its favor. Plus, while its audience is primarily Canadian at the moment, it has resonated with viewers everywhere in a serious way.

While talking to Chatelaine, series creator and star Catherine Reitman spoke about how touched she was by the audience response. She said that she had to "get better at not crying" when she was approached by fans, because it could happen anywhere at any time. People would stop her and say, according to Reitman, "'I watched your show, I know your show, I am your show.'" Their passion for the series made her nervous because she wanted to be sure to do them justice.

The show may be set in Canada, but the struggles the characters go through are universal. So many parents have to balance new opportunities at work with caring for their kids, or strive to keep their marriage stable after welcoming a new baby. Workin' Moms is honest about how hard it is even though it mines those tough situations for comedic effect. If it continues to get such a positive response from viewers, then I think a renewal could be very likely.

Workin' Moms has a lot of support in its corner, because both CBC and Netflix are looking out for it. But without official confirmation, it's impossible to say for sure whether there will be a fourth season or not. Still, there's no reason to be negative — with three well-received seasons in the bag, the outlook for Workin' Moms seems pretty good.