Sarah Shatz

'Someone Great' Has Arrived On Netflix But A Sequel Is A Whole Other Story

It's not easy to find yourself after something as traumatic as a breakup, but that is what Jenny in Someone Great is trying to do (with some help from her very best gal pals). Once the film drops, you'll immediately want to know if there will be a sequel to Someone Great, because it's that good. At this point, it's unknown if Netflix will order a sequel to Someone Great but that doesn't mean there won't be one. If one thing has been proven true, it's that there's no real time limit for a re-boot, a re-make, or sequel. When the people want it is when network execs decide to make it.

Jane the Virgin star, Gina Rodriguez, leads the all-star cast as Jenny — an aspiring music journalist whose nine-year relationship ends when she gets her dream job on the other side of the country. Heartbroken, Jenny needs one more night out in New York City with her best friends, played by Brittany Snow and DeWanda Wise.

Someone Great marks the feature-length directorial debut for MTV's Sweet/Vicious creator, Jennifer Kaytin Robinson. On Twitter, Robinson said of the project, "I always wanted to see a romantic comedy where a woman chooses herself. So I made one."

Robinson elaborated on her tweet in an interview with Refinery29, explaining why a movie like Someone Great, which joins the ranks of other hilarious and female-led comedies like Bridesmaids, Girls Trip, and What Men Want, is so necessary.

"I really wanted to make a romantic movie, about a woman who is able to come out the other side of her relationship and be her own white knight, rather than [have it be about] the promise of another man being there," she said. "It’s really about a sisterhood and how much love and support is there. It's [that friendship that ultimately gives] Gina’s character the strength to feel okay with choosing herself."

In terms of cast, it doesn't get much better. Rodriguez is a multi-Golden Globe nominee and winner for Jane the Virgin with a wide range of additional acting credits to list. Snow is most recently known for her role in the Pitch Perfect franchise alongside Anna Kendrick, and Wise played the leading role in Spike Lee's 10-episode 2017 Netflix series She's Gotta Have It.


Someone Great not only celebrates the nuance in female friendships, but the importance of self-discovery after a major life shake-up. It doesn't necessarily mean you have to move across the country to do so, but one thing this film touches on, friendships aside, is redefining your sense of self when you've been in a long-term romantic relationship that suddenly ends. Sure, there are tons of romantic comedies that address getting back with an ex, finding new love, or the joys of friendship alone, but Someone Great is so much more than a typical rom-com. Don't discount a sequel just yet. After all, showbiz runs on its own timetable that may, or may not, work with the times we want things to happen.