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A Stark Family Reunion Needs To Happen On 'GoT'

One of the greatest tragedies of Game of Thrones is that most of the Starks never saw each other again after being separated in Season 1. Jon was confined to the Wall as a member of the Night's Watch. Sansa was the prisoner of one sadist after another. Arya disappeared across the sea to learn all about the art of vengeance. Robb at least had his mother to comfort him until they were both brutally murdered, and Bran had Rickon until they were also separated. But will there ever be a Stark family reunion on Game of Thrones, or is it too much to hope for?

It seems increasingly possible that the remaining Starks will reunite, especially going into Season 7. Jon and Sansa already joined forces to rally the North against Ramsay Bolton in Season 6, and now the last two living Starks appear to be on their way home at long last. After years abroad, Arya jumped on a ship to Westeros, where she finally took revenge on Walder Frey for the part he played in Robb and Catelyn's deaths. Bran and his cousin Meera Reed are racing down from the land beyond the Wall to avoid advancing White Walkers. Those two opposing journeys could easily lead them to the same destination: Winterfell. Then all the Starks would be back together again.


There is more solid evidence that they'll reunite, too. In an interview with the Independent, Isaac Hempstead Wright speculated that returning home would be Bran's goal in Season 7: "To me, I think what will happen now is that it appears Bran will head south to Winterfell. Not only does he want to see his family again, presumably, but he's also the only one who knows the secrets of Jon's parentage, making Bran the ideal person to break the news.

There is also a line in the trailer that could hint at a reunion: Sansa recites a famous quote of Ned Stark's from the books when she says, "the lone wolf dies, but the pack survives." The Starks have been lone wolves for seasons now and all it's resulted in is them getting picked off one by one. Now, however, things seem to be changing. Everything would start falling into place if Jon, Sansa, Arya, and Bran were all on the same team again.


The possibility is definitely being promoted, with Entertainment Weekly spreads devoted to all four Starks happily hanging out again. If the show missed the chance to put them back together in Season 7, it would just be torturous. At this point, Game of Thrones has to deliver.