Season 39 Of 'Survivor' Is Coming & Fans Of The Show Will Be ~Very~ Pleased

by Esme Mazzeo

When talking about iconic reality TV, the first show that should come to mind is Survivor. The premise of dropping strangers off in unfamiliar places to live off the land for money is the DNA for too many shows to list. There's just something about watching starving people betray each other that stands the test of time. So, will there be a Season 39 of Survivor?

At this point, the franchise is a well-oiled machine and it's definitely not broken. So, yes, of course there will be a Season 39. But there is so much more to tell you. The whole genre of reality TV and Survivor fans have evolved past the point where watching Richard Hatch use pure wits to manipulate people is entertaining. Each season has to have new twists, challenges, and rules to keep viewers invested.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the upcoming season is called Island Of The Idols. Don't mix up your franchises, no one will be singing to palm trees. "Idols" refers to immunity idols and advantages that will be up for grabs during the game. But the Season 39 contestants will have another extremely rare perk available to them. The term "idols" also refers to two of the game's all-star players and former winners, Boston Rob Mariano and Sandra Diaz-Twine, who will serve as advisers to the new castaways.

I'm a more avid follower of Survivor's network mate Big Brother, where contestants manipulate each other for money in the comfort of a home on the CBS lot — snacks and wine included. So, when I read that Sandra and Rob could be returning to Survivor, I immediately thought about almost every time an all-star houseguest has returned to Big Brother. No matter how they are introduced, they usually end up becoming players in the game — and masterfully con the newbies.

I don't know about you, but all of this sounds too nice to be all the season has to offer. THR visited Fiji and Rob and Sandra in March, so details are just beginning to emerge.


But that's OK. I don't need to know much about the newbies. Myself, I wouldn't go "glamping" for a million dollars, so I really wanted to know what the heck Rob and Sandra were doing back on the island when there was no prize on the line for them.

"I always said I wouldn't come back to Survivor unless it was some kind of unique experience that made sense. When Jeff pitched us the idea of us coming back as coaches or mentors, it rang true. I said, 'Why not?'" Boston Rob told THR.

I suppose that being on Survivor is a once-in-a-lifetime experience someone should take advantage of (twice) if given the chance, so I understand the logic. Apparently, Sandra is just fond of the company she kept on the island. "I only came because Rob was coming," she told THR.

In my opinion, the all-stars definitely aren't on vacation. When THR visited them they were in the beginning stages of plans to build the biggest shelter in Survivor history. If no room service is involved I'm out. But I might tune in this fall to see what their home look like.