Many 'Teen Mom: Young & Pregnant' Fans Are Rooting For Another Season

Teen Mom: Young & Pregnant will wrap up the second half of its first season via a dramatic reunion show airing Monday night. And if you're feeling a bit disappointed about the final episode of 2018, the upside is there will likely be another season of Teen: Mom Young & Pregnant to look forward to soon enough.

MTV splits up TMYP's seasons in an arguably confusing way. TMYP, for instance, had a Season 1A and a Season 1B. So, when you saw that TMYP got green lit for Season 2, it was actually renewed for an extension of Season 1. Therefore, fans should be wondering whether TMYP will get a second season after the conclusion of Season 1 on Dec. 31, aka New Year's Eve.

Although the show seems fairly popular, a few of its stars raised alarm bells about its longevity back in November. The first one to circulate cancellation rumors was Ashley Jones, who wrote on Instagram, according to The Inquisitr:

Well ladies. Here goes my heartfelt post about what an honor its been to be apart of a tv show with you girls. So grateful that our cast is full of love and understanding, and when times get hard we all reach out. It’s been a long emotional journey. But that’s a wrap. Wouldn’t have done it any other way.

Brianna Jaramillo then responded, according to Hollywood Life: "Ladies I am honored to have had the chance to work with you all! You are all amazing mothers and women in general. I hoe this isn’t goodbye but just see you later."

It turns out, however, that these cryptic messages were possibly misleading.

An insider said about the show's future, according to Radar Online: "From what the case has been told thus far, the show seems like it is going to be renewed for another season and will likely keep going."

Another source added: "The Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant cast has not been notified that the show is ending. Stories circulating that the show is cancelled are completely fabricated and untrue at this point."

As for fans? It sounds like many viewers are interested in another season.

"Just watched the season finale of Teen Mom Young and Pregnant," one person tweeted. "All of these girls are absolutely the best teen parents I’ve ever seen. I’ve seen them grow throughout this entire season. I love them all."

"I have been binge watching Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant all night and even this morning lol it’s actually pretty good," someone else said.

Another commenter chimed in: "Teen mom OG and Young and Pregnant reunion tonight cant wait."

It's important to note, however, that MTV has yet to make an announcement about the show's future. But if you're itching to find out what happens next, keep a close eye on social media in the coming weeks. Why? When TMYP Season 1A ended on June 11, the news about Season 1B broke on June 26 via The Ashley's Reality Roundup. If there is a Season 2, chances are you'll hear about it sooner than later.

On that note, fingers crossed fans get another season of TMYP. It's clear the show has a dedicated viewership.

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