Will Toby Die On 'Pretty Little Liars'? This Fan Theory Might Foreshadow His Fate


If you can survive the little town of Rosewood, you can probably survive anywhere. The death rate in that town is outrageously high and it's a wonder why anyone actually still lives there. More importantly, it's a wonder why anyone ever goes back. After being away for years, the Liars returned to their crazy, homicidal hometown last season and by now they're definitely regretting that decision. Already since they've been back there's been two murders and it looks there may be another one before this season is over. (Warning: Potential spoilers for future episodes) Will it be Toby that dies on this season of Pretty Little Liars?

Just last week we saw the Liars burying the body of Dr. Elliot Rollins, who's real name we believe to be Archer Dunhill, and Toby revealed that he was investigating Elliot, which put the Liars on edge. Is it possible Toby's search for answers gets him into trouble? A recent fan theory by the Facebook page "Pretty little liars books and tv news and spoilers" suggests Toby is definitely a goner and will be killed off in Episode 10, the midseason finale, of this season.

The site reports that Keegan Allen, who plays Toby, has been absent from Episodes 11 and 12 of this season, which are currently being filmed.

They report:

Although this all still seems a bit circumstantial and there's no receipts to back this up (how do we know someone really saw the scene of a car crash on set?), it also seems to make a bit of sense. What's confusing is why I. Marlene King would kill Toby off. It seems kind of random but we're only about halfway through the first half of this season so anything could happen. Here's to hoping the rumors aren't true and Toby lives to see another day in Rosewood.