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Will Trump Appoint Rudy Giuliani To His Cabinet? They're Pretty Much GOP Best Bros

Across America, millions of voters are still picking their jaws off the floor after GOP candidate Donald Trump's astonishing win on Election Day. In the bizarro "is this real life?" world that is the United States Wednesday, attention has shifted slightly away from the political greenhorn who's about to become the next leader of the free world and towards Trump's potential Cabinet picks. Will Trump appoint Rudy Giuliani?

Well, considering Trump gave the former New York City major a grateful shoutout and called him up to the stage at his presidential victory speech, it's obvious to everyone that Trump and Giuliani share a strong political bromance with one another. So, yes, — it's safe to bet there will be a Giuliani Cabinet appointment announcement from Trump in the coming weeks.

Just before 3 a.m. Eastern Time, Trump delivered his victory speech at his election night rally at in midtown Manhattan, the President-Elect took a moment to acknowledge key leaders on his campaign staff that helped lead him to victory. Trump then went on to single out Giuliani for his continued support:

I want to give a very special thanks to our former mayor Rudy Giuliani. Unbelievable. Unbelievable. He traveled with us and he went through meetings. Rudy never changing.

Trump then gestured to Giuliana saying, "Where's Rudy? Rudy" as the crowd chanted "Rudy" through their applause.

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The speculation buzzing across the GOP wire is that Trump will most likely appoint Giuliani as Attorney General of the United States, according to Politico. The Trump campaign did not immediate return to Romper's request for comment. It shouldn't come as a surprise that the New York real estate mogul-turned President-Elect would appoint a former New York City mayor: Giuliani and Trump share a history that goes way back in the city that never sleeps.

According to The New York Daily News, writer Wayne Barrett traces Trump and Giuliani's relationship starting in the late '80s, right around the time that Trump was a fundraiser co-chair for Giuliani's mayoral campaign in 1989. Interestingly enough, just the year before, Trump was under investigation by the feds for his alleged involvement with the mob over the sale of two apartments in Trump Tower. It would be Trump's intricate relationship with Giuliani — who was the U.S. Associate Attorney General under Ronald Reagan at the time — that would ultimately bail out Trump without facing prosecution.


Trump and Giuliani's relationship has only become cozier since then, and it's likely that Giuliani will be back in the White House Attorney General's Office after a 33-year hiatus.