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Will Trump Choose Scott Brown As VA Secretary? The Former Senator Seems Very Confident

As Inauguration Day nears, President-elect Donald Trump continues to fill the key roles of his Cabinet members for the new administration, some of which have been notably controversial political figures. But only a handful of positions have been filled, while multiple names still float around for the remaining roles, leaving many guessing about what Trump will do next. One of those names is former Republican Sen. Scott Brown, who has been eyeing the secretary position at the Department of Veteran Affairs. Recent comments made by the 47-year-old politician and Fox News political contributor make it very clear that he’d accept the job if offered, but will Trump actually choose Brown as his VA secretary?

Not long after Trump promised that he would be making more key appointments, the two men met at Trump Tower in Manhattan on Monday, reportedly to discuss the potential position. Based solely on Brown’s comments, it looks like the former Massachusetts senator could indeed be Trump’s only choice, as Brown claimed that he was "not competing with anybody."

According to The Washington Post, Brown told reporters on Monday after his meeting with the president-elect at his namesake skyscraper,

I’m not competing with anybody. I think I’m the best person, but there are some tremendous people out there. I don’t look at it as a competition.
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Brown continued to tell reporters on Monday in the Trump Tower lobby:

We obviously spoke about my passion and his passion, which are veterans and veterans’ issues. Obviously, I think the toughest job in the Cabinet is to lead the VA because while it has so many angels working there, it has so many great problems as well. He is obviously going to take my application or interest under consideration. I’m glad that he called.

Despite Brown's word choice, The Washington Post reports that there are a few more names in the game to head the VA, including the chairman of the House Committee on Veterans' Affairs, Jeff Miller, and former Texas Gov. Rick Perry. Former Republican presidential candidate and Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney has also been floated, though pundits argue that a secretary of state gig might be more likely in Romney's case.

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Brown, who has served more than 30 years in the National Guard, said Trump is "going to take … [his] interest under consideration," and expects to have an answer after Thanksgiving, according to CBS News.

The politician — who is was once Cosmopolitan's "America's Sexiest Man" in 1982 and posed nude for the centerfold — appears to have a chance and is certainly eager to be on Trump's administration, as he endorsed the real estate mogul back in February.

If appointed, hopefully Brown's desire for the position will translate into to real change and help for veterans. According to The Washington Post, Brown said that he plans on reducing veteran suicide rates, shortening the long lines for treatment at VA hospitals around the country, and strengthening a relationship between the VA and the Pentagon so veterans' needs are met — all important issues that need more attention.