Will Vinny Leave ‘Bachelor In Paradise’? He’s Hurt By Izzy's Feelings For A New Man

Among Bachelor in Paradise's solid Season 3 couples are Vinny Ventiera and Izzy Goodkind, who paired off virtually immediately after arriving together on the first day. But the arrival of a new guy throws them for a loop. So will Vinny leave Bachelor in Paradise? Brett Melnick may threaten his chances with Izzy.

Izzy claims that upon spotting Brett, hairdresser and alum of Andi Dorfman's season of The Bachelorette who was eliminated in week 3, her stomach did a flip. She didn't even have that kind of instant physical attraction to Vinny, whom she connected with over the course of lengthy conversations on the first night. And even though Brett used his first date card on Caila Quinn, she sort of waffled on her desire to go, until she finally agreed, and then had a terrible time.

Izzy admitted in a cutaway interview that she'd had some doubts about Vinny, and confessed to Brett the same night he arrived that she found him super attractive. He seemed to reciprocate her interest enough for her to pull Vinny aside for a chat. She told him she felt like she was "75 percent" sold on her current pairing but she wanted to be 100 percent in.

Izzy was up-front with Vinny and told him that, although she hadn't been attracted to anyone else who had come along so far, her strong attraction to Brett sowed seeds of doubt in her standing relationship. Needless to say, Vinny did not take it well. He even talked about wanting to propose and imagining leaving paradise engaged to Izzy in a cutaway interview after Izzy told him about Brett. He seems super crushed and was barely able to hold back tears when he was telling the other guys about what happened.

"I'm leaving here heartbroken," he said in a cutaway interview, adding, "I just want to leave here gracefully."

Does that mean Vinny will walk out? Everyone sort of ganged up on Izzy (though not to her face), and began deriding her for taking interest in someone else based solely on a strong physical attraction. But that's what injecting new cast members into the mix is for! It's intended to test established relationships. Izzy and Brett may not actually be compatible and Vinny may miss out on the rest of the season simply because his ego is bruised. At least give Izzy a chance to withhold a rose from you, bro.