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Will Wells Adams Be The 2017 'Bachelor'? He Is The Dark Horse In The Race

We're just past the halfway point of JoJo Fletcher's season of The Bachelorette so, naturally, speculation about who the next Bachelor will be is kicking into high gear. While we can all agree that it most likely won't be our recently departed Meat Chad (although, how hilarious would that be?), there are definitely certain guys who are frontrunners for the title. While he might be the dark horse of the season, Wells Adams should be the 2017 Bachelor.

As any avid watcher of Bachelor Nation knows, typically, the next Bachelor is one of the men eliminated from The Bachelorette season immediately prior, just as each season's Bachelorette is (usually) a contestant who didn't get the final rose from a previous Bachelor. JoJo made it to the final round earlier this year before getting spurned by Bachelor Ben Higgins, who in turn had placed third during Bachelorette Kaitlyn Bristowe's season. So it goes.

While we have a few more months to go before any official announcement (the past few seasons' worth of Bachelors have been announced sometime in August, usually early on in the Bachelor in Paradise season), I'm pushing for Wells to take on the mantle. It's pretty clear already that he's not vibing with JoJo nearly as much as several of the other contestants are (particularly Jordan, Luke, Chase, and Robby). Wells probably isn't going to get the final rose, so why not give him the chance to find love in his very own season?

We're in the twelfth season of The Bachelorette and coming up on Season 21 of The Bachelor, and it's time to shake things up a bit. Most of the time, the chosen Bachelor is a contestant who came in at least fourth place during his Bachelorette season. Wells probably won't make it that far, so he'd be an unexpected choice.

Wells, as adorable as he is, also has a different vibe as some of the past Bachelors. He isn't afraid to seem weak in moments of exhaustion (see: almost fainting during the fireman challenge on Week 2). This would also make him an unexpected, unique choice to head up the latest season of The Bachelor.

While likability isn't necessarily a factor in becoming the next Bachelor (see also: Juan Pablo Galavis), it certainly can't hurt. Wells is definitely likable, being one of the only contestants this season to make JoJo legitimately crack up. His (later debunked) threesome story during the sex talk on Week 3, Part 1? Hilarious.

He loves tacos and dogs. He volunteers his time with the Nashville Humane Association, putting his Instagram account to good use by taking pictures with the available dogs and encouraging his followers to adopt. Essentially, he seems like a really genuine, sweet dude. I can even almost forgive him for disliking pizza.

Honestly, who wouldn't want to vie for Wells Adams' heart #WellsForBachelor2017!