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Could Wells Be Our Next Bachelor Following His 'Bachelor In Paradise' Gig?

Wells Adams didn't necessarily have the most success during his past appearances on The Bachelorette and Bachelor in Paradise. Despite his charm, he didn't end either season with a partner, though he did end up endearing himself to the audience. In the artificial world of The Bachelor, Wells had a refreshingly normal vibe that made him come off as almost too genuine to settle into a relationship that only had a couple of weeks to grow. He also has a super cute dog named Carl. All of these qualities are admirable (especially the dog) enough that viewers could really root for him to find love, so will Wells be the next Bachelor?

It could be a possibility, though there are plenty of potential names in the running. While the next Bachelor or Bachelorette usually comes from the previous season's batch of suitors, ABC has been known to switch it up from time to time. If there wasn't a guy from Rachel's season that they felt the audience would respond to, then they could always dip back into the archives. Wells would definitely be a different kind of Bachelor, though not totally dissimilar to Nick Viall; they both appear to be a little bit more self-aware, which could make the experience feel like an honest bid for love instead of just someone else chasing fame. Whether it's true or not, fans want to believe people go on this show for The Right Reasons.

And if Wells is in the running for the next Bachelor, then sticking him on Bachelor in Paradise as the new bartender is a good way to test the waters. As someone who isn't officially in the dating pool, he's less likely to rack up any more failed romances (avoiding Nick's always a bridesmaid, never a bride narrative) but still stays visible enough for audiences to remember how much they like him. He builds his adorable brand without attaching any unnecessary drama to his name.

The fact that Wells is low on the bad kind of drama is a plus for him, too. If he was the next Bachelor, then the focus could be on him overcoming his personal hangups and trying to find that connection he missed out on during his past appearances. Wells is also well-liked by fans, and he was pretty popular with the girls on Season 3 of Bachelor in Paradise, too. Likability can't be discounted as an important factor.

Wells is a safe choice without being a boring one, and he would make for an enjoyable leading man. Plus after Copper, I think it's necessary for every Bachelor or Bachelorette to have an animal sidekick, and Wells has got that in the bag.