Will & Jasmine Didn't Agree On Decision Day On 'Married At First Sight'

Will and Jasmine were never quite on the same page on Season 8 of Lifetime's Married at First Sight. They had different expectations of marriage, and different ideas about what a man and woman's roles were within a relationship. They even disagreed about whether or not to stay together on Decision Day. Jasmine was for it, though Will wasn't so sure. But will Will and Jasmine get back together? This exclusive clip from the Apr. 9 reunion special raises that question.

The clip opens with Will and Jasmine being asked if there's any chance of a reconciliation between them. On Decision Day, Jasmine explained that she wanted to stay married to give their relationship a try without the cameras. She believed the process hadn't allowed them to really "grow together." While Will agreed on that point, he still wanted a divorce. He was concerned about their communication skills. Though Pastor Calvin Roberson tried to convince Will to give it another shot, he stayed firm on his decision to divorce.

That disappointed Jasmine, so she'll be eager to hear what he has to say during the reunion special. When Will merely mumbles an unintelligible response to the reconciliation question, Jasmine makes it clear that she wants a more thorough explanation.

When asked if there was a chance for reconciliation on her part, Jasmine only says that she wants to hear from Will. Since she had been emphatic about allowing their marriage to continue, it seems likely that she would be open to getting back together for attempt number two. But Will stumbles over his words again when the focus shifts to him. He offers an uncertain "um" a couple of times, but the clip concludes before he can say more. His answer will have to wait until the reunion special airs on Lifetime tonight.

It's possible that something happened between the finale and the reunion that led Will to chance his mind. Perhaps the absence of Jasmine in his life bothered him more than he thought it would and now he's down to say "I do" a second time. But personally, I think Will is going to stick to the choice he made on Decision Day. If he wanted to get back together, why wouldn't he say so immediately? Wouldn't he be enthusiastic in his attempt to get Jasmine back? The couples who did choose to stay married on Decision Day — AJ and Stephanie; Kristine and Keith — didn't hold back.

It's purely speculation on my part, but I think Will is hemming and hawing because he knows that he's only going to reaffirm what he said before. Will and Jasmine had trouble coming to any kind of agreement over the course of their short marriage. They never settled into a more comfortable dynamic. And that's fine; if the situation wasn't working for Will, then he shouldn't feel compelled to stick it out.

The reunion may delve more deeply into Will's feeling on the matter, but if I had to hazard a guess, I'd say he and Jasmine are definitely done.