Mark Levine/CMT

'Nashville' Teases A New Love Interest For Will

After a tense opening to Season 5, we finally learned that Rayna Jaymes' stalker is neither obsessive Silicon Valley tech bro Zach Welles, nor her invasive and inappropriate social media manager Randall St. Claire (who has finally been sacked). It turned out to be a random fan, against whom Rayna now has a restraining order, which means her business partnership with Zach is more or less innocent (if still a little intense). While Zach is still throwing himself into his partnership with Rayna, he's also had his eye on other people. So will Zach and Will get together on Nashville?

They first met on the set of Scarlett and Gunnar's new music video, where Zach flirted pretty hard and Will firmly (but, of course, awkwardly) shut him down. But now that Will is single, there could be a chance. Will had been feeling ~tempted~ by other boys and it finally led him and Kevin to break up, even though he never acted on any of those passes. They were on the verge of moving in together, and Kevin was sort of his first real, public, same-sex relationship (if you don't count Brent from the early seasons, which you shouldn't). So the relationship is probably going to take some time to grieve. Unfortunately, Will can't seem to shake off his many suitors.

In Zach's case, he hasn't made any explicit advances, but he has invited Will to hang out a couple of times. When they run into each other at Luke's concert, Zach chases Will backstage and Will lets him past security. In his private dressing room, Will feels comfortable enough to change in front of Zach, and there's definitely a lingering glance at his naked torso before Zach launches into his business plan for acquiring Wheelin' Dealin' records. He tells Will that he and Rayna have bigger plans for his impact as an artist than Luke's record label ever did, and that he has plans to get Will out of Nashville and into the mainstream.

Zach reminds Will that he essentially forced his number into Will's phone and confesses that he wants to get to know him while he's in town.

"You seem to know a lot of people," Will hedges.

"That's a guest list," Zach replies. "This is different."

The tension between them is thick, but it's unclear whether Zach is still supposed to be a sinister character, or if he's actually just as awkward at forming relationships as Will is. Who knows? They might be perfect for each other.