DC's Kids Camp is perfect for superhero-loving kids
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Your Superhero-Loving Kid Is Gonna Beg To Sign Up For DC's New Online Camp

by Cat Bowen

When kids are out of school, parents are left to juggle all the things. A matter of seconds can mean the difference between a kid preparing for takeoff and them flying off the couch and into a nearby wall. To moms of at-home superheroes, DC's new online Kids Camp program is here to rescue you. Kids can now get their superhero on without the risk of physical harm.

DC Kids Camp is the first interactive program of its kind by a U.S. comics publisher, per The Hollywood Reporter. Each day, DC Kids presents a new tutorial for a kid-approved activity, from origami lessons to make-your-own comics, all with downloadable content for use at home. Parents can follow DC Kids on Twitter and Instagram for the activity of the day. The content is curated by DC's authors who write middle-grade books — Meg Cabot, Agnes Garbowska, Shannon Hale, and Minh Lê to name a few — so expect it to be geared toward children in the 8 to 12 age range.

Authors, graphic novelists, comic cartoonists, and more will offer draw-alongs, creative instruction, and stream live tutorials to your superhero-loving kids. You can tune in Monday through Friday at 10:00 a.m. PT on Twitter and Instagram to see artists and authors go live with interactive virtual events featuring DC-themed activities.

So if you've got a mini superhero at home, sign up for their newsletter for more exclusive kids activities in your inbox twice a week. It's a daily activity kids (and parents) can look forward to to break up the day.