Yaron Versano’s Feminist Quotes Are Awesome

Have you seen Wonder Woman yet? Because it sure sounds like most people have. According to Forbes, Wonder Woman ended its fourth weekend having earned $318.111 million in domestic sales. So you could say that it's star, Gal Gadot, who plays Wonder Woman herself, is one of the biggest stars in the world right now. But what do we know about her outside of her film career? For one, she has a husband who not only seems to adore her, but based on some quotes and photos from him, appears to be a bit of a feminist. And Yaron Versano's feminist quotes prove that he's a very proud, feminist husband to his Wonder Woman wife.

Wonder Woman is doing very well in theaters, and, as Forbes put it, the movie has proven to have incredible staying power. It will probably stick around for awhile yet, and keep earning mind-boggling amounts of money — as it deserves, as the critical reception to Wonder Woman has been nothing short of glowing. And that's all great news for Gadot, the film's star who will also reprise her role as the Amazonian warrior princess and superhero when Justice League is released on Nov. 17.

So how is Gadot's success impacting her marriage with Versano? Actually, it sounds like he's thrilled by the whole thing, and loves being married to Wonder Woman herself.

According to Glamour, Versano has been extremely supportive of Gadot's career, and pushed her to continue her work even when she had doubts about being a working mom. She told Glamour that when her daughter, Alma, was around 2 years old, she was "really anxious about how to travel with a child," which she had to do as a working actress and working mother. But Versano apparently told her:

Gal, think about what kind of a role model you want to be. If you want to show Alma that she can follow her dreams, that's what you should do, and we will figure out the logistics.

So even as he was encouraging her to continue her work, he was thinking of their daughter as well, and what example to set for her so she can be her own type of "Wonder Woman" when she grows up. Seems pretty feminist to me.

There's also a photo floating around, pictured in the above tweet, of Versano wearing a very cool shirt. On one side of the shirt he's wearing in the infamous photo is the usual symbol for a women's restroom, with the caption "your wife". But on the other side, there's an illustration of the character of Wonder Woman, captioned, "my wife." Literally, Versano's wife is Wonder Woman, and it's clear from the shot that they both got a kick out of the piece of clothing. It's also a fairly feminist fashion item for Versano to have worn.

And when Versano posted the photo to his Instagram, he captioned it:

#mywife #therealwonderwoman ❤️

Can you say, #couplegoals?

According to POPSUGAR, Versano is an Israeli businessman. His most famous sale seems to be the time he and his brother, Guy, sold Tel Aviv's Varsano Hotel to Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich for a reported $26 million back in 2015.

But based on Yaron Versano's Instagram, Versano's other, just as important role is as a husband and father. It seems like every other post he makes is about his wife or children, and he's clearly very proud and feels lucky to have them.

In one Instagram post, Versano posted a photo of himself with his wife, taking a picture together in front of Wonder Woman billboards in Times Square in New York City. He captioned it very simply, and said, "Times Square #wonderwoman #mywife #blessed"

So he's very clearly proud of his superhero wife, and the rather feminist role she's taken on in Wonder Woman.

In fact, when it comes to his Instagram posts lately, the images Versano posted have been mostly related to Wonder Woman. Many of the photos feature his wife, and they often need no more caption than a simple emoji or two to express how he feels about her, and the amazing Amazonian character she got to portray in the movie.

In one post, Gadot posed at a Wonder Woman event, and all Versano captioned it with was "❤️"

Versano has been very active on his social media pages to help promote Wonder Woman, which is considered a fairly feminist movie by many reviewers. And in general, he's been super supportive of the huge role Gadot has taken on, which can be tough for couples when they're both committed to their careers.

It's wonderful that Versano is clearly so proud of his wife, and the awesome female role model part that she's taken on — a part she will likely continue to portray for many years to come.