Guys, This Brand-New Creepy Toy May Be The Next Big Thing Since Hatchimals

by Lauren Schumacker

Parents, brace yourselves. There's a new toy that will appear on toy store shelves soon and they're going to make your house quite a bit louder. Yellies are the new toys your kid won't be able to stop screaming at and that might send you running for cover. The brand-new brand of little cutesy-crawly (instead of creepy-crawly) spider toys are by Hasbro and come in enough design variations that there's sure to be at least one that your kid will love. Essentially, these Yellies respond to your kid's voice (or yours), moving faster and faster the louder their voice gets. So, naturally, they're likely going to be super popular and well-loved among kids, but perhaps a little bit less-loved among parents and other adults whose houses are about to be filled with more yelling, because, of course, kids are going to want to see how fast they can get them to go.

You'll have a few different varieties from which to choose. Hasbro has designed 12 different Yellies in all so you can amass your own tiny army of furry spider pets (which actually might sound more than a little bit scary to some, to be honest). Each of the 12 different Yellies have a specific "personality," which makes playing with them fun. And they'll apparently run around together in a group and interact with one another if you put a few in the same room at the same time.


These little creatures are pretty cute and will respond to more than just top-of-their-lungs toddler shrieks. When you speak more softly, the Yellies will slow down and scuttle around a little less frantically. Singing, indoor-voice-level speaking, clapping, and playing music will also get your little spider friend moving around. Basically, if there's noise, particularly if there are human voices involved, your kid's Yellie will get moving, scurrying from one side of the room to another (and everywhere in between). The fact that it'll change the way it moves based on the volume of your kid's voice is undoubtedly something that will keep them entertained (and you likely a little less so) for quite awhile.

Though Yellies aren't available in stores yet, they will be very soon. They're scheduled to appear in stores across the country, as well as on websites on October 1, which gives you more than enough time to do any shopping for fall and winter birthdays and other gift-giving holidays. Plus, Halloween is right around the corner and the spiders are remarkably on-theme. Though the age range on these is five and up, kids who are much, much older might not find them quite as appealing as the younger ones will.


Every year has toys that all the kids want and about which kids get so unbelievably excited, from Hatchimals to Fingerlings and beyond, and though the end of the year is quickly approaching, these Yellies just might be a late-in-the-game competitor. Kids love new toys and they love things that make or respond to noise, so this type thing might be just the thing to top their lists.

Editor's Note: This post has been updated to reflect the correct amount of toys in the collection.