You Can Now Buy An Entire Keg Of Ranch Dressing, So Just Take All My Money

by Casey Suglia

Picky eaters love nothing more than ranch dressing. The creamy, rich flavor easily masks the flavor of boring vegetables and turns any salad into something delicious. But ranch dressing serves as more than just something to pour on lettuce — people will dip anything into it and I mean anything. From chicken fingers, to pizza, to French fries, the ranch obsession never stops. But now those ranch-obsessed kids (and adults) are about to be a lot more in love with the dressing because you can now buy an entire keg of ranch dressing so the sauce frenzy never stops.

Ranch dressing brand Hidden Valley knows the way to its customers' hearts (and under their Christmas trees). In honor of the holidays, Hidden Valley released a variety of holiday products for you and your ranch dressing loving cousin that is super hard to shop for — until now. Ranch fanatics can purchase anything from ranch dressing themed socks, to ugly Christmas sweaters, to even a ranch dressing fountain (and bonus tree skirt).

But perhaps the best item among these is the keg of ranch that you can purchase for a cool cost of $50. This isn't your average fraternity party keg you encountered during your freshman year of college. Nope, this keg measuring 9.7 inches is full of the dreamiest dressing around, with a supply that can last an entire year (or like, three months, if we're being honest). Needless to say, people are freaking out on Twitter for a very good reason — people really love ranch.

Not only can you have a year's supply of ranch, the mini-keg is also stackable — just in case you need to get a second keg of ranch dressing to add to your home. And once the ranch runs out, you can refill the keg. Because instead of a bottle, ranch is much better enjoyed from a free-flowing metal container. For a year's worth of entertainment and deliciousness, $50 is a completely justifiable price — and you don't need to bend over backwards to get it. The ranch dressing keg is currently available for pre-order and will ship on Dec. 11, just in time for the holidays.

As it turns out, there is a reason why people love ranch this much. In 1992, according to Slate, ranch overtook Italian to become the top selling salad dressing in the nation — and the hype hasn't slowed down. Hidden Valley Ranch statistics have found that at least a third of American households have some kind of ranch product in their homes at any given time, according to Thrillist.

People love ranch dressing for its "rich yet inoffensive" flavor, according to Slate, and the fact that it provides a tastier alternative to mayonnaise or other dressings. In 2014, a new-product expert at market research firm Mintel, Lynn Dornblaser, perfectly explained to NPR why people are so attracted and attached to the dressing's flavor. "It's cool, creamy, dairy, and has just a bit of nip to it but not much," Dornblaser told NPR.

After the dressing's invention in 1949, people can now get ranch as a dipping sauce at most fast food places and pizza places — because even ranch on pizza is a thing. There is even a whole restaurant located in Missouri dedicated to ranch dressing and all of the things you can dip in it. In fact, some have even called ranch "the new ketchup," according to The Week.

The obsession with ranch as a dipping sauce, a condiment, and topper to every food is something that is completely common and you'd be amazed by all the clever uses that people have for the dressing. Let this love affair with ranch serve as inspiration for when you see that you've been gifted a keg of ranch this holiday season and find yourself putting ranch on everything. It is at the top of my personal wish list.

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