This 3-Year-Old Embraced Her New Brother In A Remarkable Way

Whether he's picked up on it or not, Jonas Gutierrez has an astoundingly supportive family that's always looking out for him. The San Antonio, Texas crew is making their newest baby feel less alone in the sweetest of ways. 4-month-old Jonas wears a helmet to correct his "flat head syndrome," and has been for about a week now. After seeing this new development, his 3-year-old sister Camila was immediately concerned that her little brother would feel self-conscious of his head gear. After Camila's mom explained that Jonas has a form of plagiocephaly and would need to wear his helmet for 23 hours a day, Camila ran to go clip on a helmet of her own. "Where's yours?" she asked her mom.

Mom Shayna Gutierrez told with CBS News that she was definitely proud, but not at all surprised by Camila's behavior. "I think it's cute," she explained. "It made me stop and realize what a great quality it is to see something different and say, 'Hey, I'll go along with you.'" Camila's definitely learned compassion from her parents, and now she's helping to teach it all around the world, as the family's story has been shared online. "We're really grateful that people have been moved by this," Gutierrez shared; "We're just an average family trying to do our best."

The family's cousin tweeted out a group photo of the fully-helmeted family. Dad's cooking with his bike helmet, Camila's at the kitchen table, and Jonas is in his high chair. The scene is absolutely adorable to behold.

Plagiocephaly is common in infants, so it's nothing for the Gutierrez clan to worry or fret over. Jonas' severe case of flat head syndrome is actually called brachycephaly; His head had grown quickly that his face shape was affected. Many babies develop flat-head syndrome from repeated pressure on one portion of the head, often from lying in one position on their backs. It can also occur, though, in a mother's uterus, if the baby's movement is limited within the womb. In a third version, developmental issues within the skull can also lead to plagiocephaly.

Changing a baby's behaviors can help correct flat head syndrome, but helmets, headbands, and surgery are also common remedies, and Jonas will don his corrective helmet for two to six months. Rather than ruminate on past habits, Gutierrez "got over that quickly," happy to "thank God for two healthy kids and for fun time spent together as a family." With a sweet big sister like Camilla willing to take care of her brother in all aspects, she's got a lot to be thankful for.