You'll Be Shocked To See What These 11 Animated Characters Look Like In Real Life

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For some people, cartoons play an important role in their lives. Even though you may be older and wiser since you watched the shows on Saturday morning, it's still easy to forget that there are real people behind the beautifully drawn characters. Their names might not be familiar at first glance, but the world would be different without their incredible range and trademark sound. In fact, you might even wonder what your favorite kids' show characters look like in real life. (Surprisingly, it's very different from their on-screen persona.)

Although many TV shows are mainly intended to entertain, some have characters who provided valuable life lessons. Dora taught viewers Spanish, Arthur encouraged positive relationships between family and friends, and even SpongeBob reminded everyone to find positivity in any situation. You might recognize these iconic characters and their voices in an instant, but ever wonder who’s the real person behind these characters? More specifically, what do they look like? Just as these characters have shaped many childhood experiences, so did the actors who voiced them. Prepare yourself with a wave of nostalgia, because here are some of your favorite animated characters and the talented voice actors who voiced them.

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