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Young Boy Learns To Run Again With Help From A Boston Marathon Bombing Survivor


Children like to run. (A lot.) My daughter zips out of her bedroom and into mine every morning. She races through our kitchen and down the hall, and she is constantly on the go; she is always on the move. But what if, in an instant, all of that changed? What would she do if, like Jude Hill, she lost her limbs and her ability to run? I’d like to imagine she’d just get up, like Jude. I'd like to imagine she'd just keep going, like Jude. And now that the 5-year-old amputee, Jude Hill, has learned to run again, with help from a Boston Marathon survivor and some sweet new running blades, it seems nothing can stop Jude and nothing will stop Jude.

Jude was just 3 years old when he lost both of his feet in a lawnmower accident. He was fitted for prosthetic legs shortly afterward, but it took an entire year for Jude to find a pair that “worked” and didn't cause him too much discomfort or pain. (Since 2014, Jude has had three different prostheses.)

In an interview with TODAY, Jude’s mother, Jennifer Hill, explained how difficult — and expensive — it has been to get Jude the right prosthetics:

Jennifer added:

But it appears Jude won’t have to sit on the sidelines, thanks to Heather Abbott, a 2013 Boston Marathon bombing survivor and the founder of The Heather Abbott Foundation. The foundation, founded by Abbott, is her way of “pay[ing] it forward.”  

So Abbott created The Heather Abbott Foundation to help other amputees “get their life back” — other amputees like herself and 5-year-old Jude. In fact, when Abbott heard Jude’s story, she flew to Chicago to meet him, and once she arrived, Abbott gave Jude two new high-tech blade running feet and running socket prostheses.

Jude hasn’t stopped running since, and he cannot wait to start school so he can join the track & field team.

When Abbott was asked by TODAY why helping others means so much to her, her response was simple:

And it is amazing.