If You're An Aries, Lucky You — Everything's Coming Up Roses In 2019

The start of a new year is an exciting time, because it gives everyone a clean slate. You can put whatever issues you faced in 2018 behind you, and go into 2019 aiming for nothing but the best. Your star sign might give you a few hints into what the future holds, and those of you born under the sign of the Ram should feel good — because lots of positive things are in store for Aries in 2019.

Aries babies are born between March 21 and April 19. People born under this sign are typically a ball of energy, according to Astrolibrary. They're also said to be passionate, and usually make great leaders. If they've got a downfall, it's that they can be a little hotheaded and impatient. Plus, all that energy sometimes leads them to make impulsive (i.e., bad) decisions. Those personality traits could definitely have an impact on how things play out for Aries men and women in 2019.

Overall, it looks like the year ahead is going to be a big one for rams. This year, it's all about keeping your eye on the prize and making major progress toward your goals, according to Astrofame. Things won't necessarily come easily to you, but luck will be on your side as you take on new challenges. On the career front, that could translate to a promotion or new responsibilities at work, says Indastro. notes that the creative juices will be flowing for Aries in 2019, which bodes well for work projects. Your cash flow also looks enviable in the year ahead, as your career success reaps you some big financial rewards, according to Ganesha Speaks.

When it comes to love and relationships, an Aries who is single should make time to mingle. notes that there will be plenty of opportunities for an Aries to make love connections in 2019, but they'll pass you by if you aren't putting yourself out there.

An Aries who's already coupled up could have a really significant year — Astrostyle is predicting a potential pregnancy. But even if you aren't interested in having a child in 2019, family will still be a big priority for you. The summertime should bring lots of good times with family, according to Karma Weather, potentially including some travel together.

2019 might also be the year for you to make lifestyle changes that benefit your health. notes that if you've struggled with sticking to a healthier diet in the past, this could be the year that you're able to follow through with the commitment. You shouldn't forget about your mental health while you're working on your fitness, however — Astroyogi warns that you could easily succumb to stress if you don't make time for self-care.

Personal growth is also in the cards for you in 2019, according to Cafe Astrology. You'll doing a lot of maturing this year (perhaps putting that famous Aries hotheadness behind you?), and not be dragged down by minor aggravations. It seems you'll be in just the right mindset to enjoy the good things that should be headed your way.

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