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Looks Like Geminis Have A Lot To Look Forward To In 2019

The end of the year is a natural time to reflect on the past 12 months, and wonder about what the next 12 will bring. Predicting the future is impossible, but astrology is one of the most fun ways to try and figure out what's written in the stars for you. One Zodiac sign in particular seems slated for big things in the months ahead, and I for one am pretty jealous. The Gemini 2019 horoscope is filled with tons with highlights.

Gemini babies are born between May 20 and June 21. Symbolized by the twins, Gemini personality traits include being super independent, loyal, and totally outspoken, according to Zodiac Fire. Those traits will serve them well as they pursue their dreams in 2019.

If you feel like things have been more than a little chaotic for you lately, this is the year when you'll get your life together, Astrofame says. You'll achieve that by simply following your own instincts and letting your heart be your guide in all things.

When it comes to love in 2019, a single Gemini might want to take a closer look at their friends. Sun Signs explains that there might be a romantic prospect among them, and even more reassuringly, Cafe Astrology predicts that any new relationship you begin this year stands a good chance of working out. For Geminis who are already with someone, 2019 might help you rekindle your spark and breath new life into your romance. That may be especially true in the first half of the year, when your especially positive outlook on life makes it easier for you to work through any issues in your relationship, according to Astrology King.

Family relationships could also greatly improve for you in the year ahead. A new moon toward the end of the summer will foster emotional healing surrounding your childhood, perhaps giving you the strength to move on from past hurts, predicts If you're a parent of a high-school or college-aged child, you may see them spread their wings a bit this year — Indian Astrology 2000 reports that there's a good possibility for them to study abroad.

Your career could also take a great leap forward in 2019. Geminis who are feeling dissatisfied with their chosen field could consider a job change, according to Astroyogi, while those who feel like their career hasn't quite taken off yet could see their fortunes totally reversed with one big move. Keep your resumé updated and don't forget to scroll through job listings often.

Any changes you make on the professional front should do wonders for your finances in 2019, as explains. It's a great year to take your ambitions even further than your 9 to 5, and perhaps think about starting up a side hustle. If you've got any major debts like student loans or credit card bills, this could be the year to make big progress in paying them off.

With so many momentous things unfolding for Geminis in 2019, taking time to yourself will be very important. Try meditating, as it could be highly beneficial to your mental health, according to Indastro, helping you clear your mind and process everything that's changing for you.

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