Your Guide to A Great Father's Day Picnic

Life moves at an incredibly fast pace these days. We perpetuate an "it's good to be busy!" mentality and our days are so packed with work and errands that it can seem like there's never any time to do what we want most: be with our families. In fact, 75% of parents feel they don't spend enough time with their kids. But the truth is, parents are spending more time with their kids than they used to. And it's the little things kids remember and appreciate: family conversations at dinnertime, notes that Mom or Dad put in their lunch boxes, and stories they're told when getting tucked in at night. So when your family is looking for a way to celebrate Father's Day, plan a special family picnic that honors all the simple things Dad does to make everyone in the family feel special and loved.

Romper has partnered with Minute Maid to remind young moms and dads that they are good parents even when they might not feel like they are. There's so much pressure these days to be a "perfect parent" — but in reality, there's no such thing! Read on to see what you'll need to throw Dad a picnic he'll cherish for years to come.

A No-Nonsense Picnic Basket

To make sure you can tote enough food for the entire family (and all the family outings to come), invest in a sophisticated, modern-day picnic basket. This one from VonChef is actually a backpack, and has compartments for dishes, glassware, napkins, utensils, and more!

Spill-Proof And Spoil-Proof Food Foods

Picnic-friendly foods are ones that are easy to eat without too many utensils and survive heat well, like fried chicken and chicken fingers, sandwiches, and whole fruits. When picnicking, keep this kind of tasty stuff in tightly sealed plastic bags or tin containers to avoid messes and to make packing everything up super easy.

A Stain-Proof, Water-Resistant Blanket -- And Pillows

When the time comes to relax in the sunshine, a heavy-duty blanket will serve the family well. An extra-large, portable mat that is stain-proof, built to resist spills, and moisture from dewy lawns and wet sand is your best bet. As for pillows, well — they're for afternoon naps in the warm sunshine.

Party Gear To Get The Party Started

Kids love to play dress-up, and what finer excuse to get decked out in party gear than to celebrate Dad? Hit up a party store for festive accessories like balloons, fun hats, novelty sunglasses, and noise-makers!

Games And Toys For Some Friendly Competition

If you host your picnic in the park or in your backyard, lawn games are a great source of entertainment. For some good old-fashioned fun, have a potato sack race! Or try this junior corn hole set by GoSports (also known as “bean-bag toss”). Other lawn-game options are Ladder golf, ring toss, or a plastic lawn bowling set.

If you’ll be on the beach, consider badminton! You can also collect seashells together, chase some waves, build sandcastles, and even fly a kite!

A Camera That Allows The Kids To Capture It All

You won’t want to let an amazing family picnic go by without capturing it for posterity. Smartphones and tablets are just fine for taking your own photos, but it's Father's Day — so get the kids involved! A waterproof, shock-proof disposable digital camera is just the thing for getting a kid's-eye view of your Father's Day fete. Dad will enjoy looking back on the day through this the lens of his little ones.

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