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Friday The 13th's Full Moon Is In Dreamy Pisces, So You Might Be Feeling Energetic

This weekend is both Friday the 13th and a full moon. For anyone who might be even a little bit superstitious and into astrology, that seems like a whole lot of "nope" for one day. We just got out of a nasty Mercury Retrograde period, and now we have to deal with this? Can't the calendar and cosmos give us a minute to breathe? Perhaps it isn't all that bad. I mean, what does Friday the 13th mean for your horoscope in the long run, anyway?

Kyle Thomas of Kyle Thomas astrology tells Romper that the energy of this Friday the 13th isn't something to fear. Instead, it's potentially something to celebrate. He says that having the full moon in Pisces lends to a feisty energy that will spill over the whole weekend. "We will notice culminations at this time that we have been building since last March. Neptune will be feisty at this time, too, so just make sure you’re not wearing rose-colored glasses," he says.

As a person who is genuinely pessimistic more than not, I have no problem making sure my rose-colored glasses remain firmly in the drawer. However, I am excited to see what Thomas means when he says that it might be a fun weekend. My plans were simply to take my kid to soccer and perhaps rage bake a few dozen vegan cookies in response to other team parents not helping put away the soccer gear after practice. Now, I'm interested to note how Neptune's overall feistiness might play out in my attitude.

On his website, Thomas spoke about the full moon on Friday the 13th having a sort of "social" nature to it for my fellow Taureans. I am hoping that this means that I will be able to influence the other parents to help break down the goals by the power of my persuasive baking. It could happen.


In general, Thomas tells Romper that we all should be looking to "communicate from the heart," but not allow ourselves to "get lost in a sea of fantasy." It's an easy path to trod, so you need to stay focused. However, Thomas does add that "Pisces energy is dreamy, artistic, imaginative, and mystical." So it might be a good time to have that long chat with the parents about what a "volunteer-run soccer league" really means.

But Thomas cautions that Pisces, and its full moon, "is a deeply sensitive sign, focused upon transcending beyond just the physical world." Pisces energy is meditative, tantric, soulful energy that can be harnessed to find the core of oneself. This is the energy of stretching your limits of spirituality, however that manifests for you. Go deeper into prayer, find an artistic outlet, make love with abandon, go for a long run beside the ocean. Whatever spiritual is for you.

Thomas directs people to consider our energy from months ago, as he says that it will be coming to fruition with this moon. "What were you building in March, and is it time to change direction or receive blessings from your harvest?" he asks. This might be the time to take out your old planners, look at your freelance spreadsheet, or even think back to your therapy goals from early spring and see where you thought you'd be this time of year. Does anything need shifted or addressed? The excitable, dreamy energy of the full moon and Friday the 13th might be the perfect time to reevaluate where projects stand. It could clear up confusion over direction, and improve your ability to make decisions that could have been looming that you didn't even notice before.

One thing is for sure, I am still rage baking vegan cookies, no matter what the moon tells me. Mostly because I like cookies.