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Your Kid Wants You To Stream This Netflix Show ASAP, According To A Recent Study

by Megan Walsh

Thanksgiving can be such a fun time of the year. You get to eat a ton of delicious food and gain an extra long weekend in the process. However, bonding with family also means trying to avoid uncomfortable conversations with relatives. Luckily, TV can prove to be a safe topic to dive into, and thanks to Netflix, there are a ton of great options to choose from. But where do you start? According to a recent study, there's one particular TV show your kid wants you to stream on Netflix ASAP, which could lead to you feeling all the more close to them even after that final turkey leg is eaten.

The study Methodology: "'Tis the Season to Stream" gave an indication of which shows adult millennials were interested in discussing during Thanksgiving dinner as a way to avoid some more personal — and potentially conflict-creating — topics like relationships or family issues. Chatting about a favorite Netflix shows is a great way to keep the conversation flowing amongst families. And based on the survey, there are a few shows that stand out from the pack.

The survey was conducted from October 31 to November 15 of this year, and got its data from a thousand responses. Apparently the sample was representative of both online millennials age 22 to 39 and baby boomers age 55 to 70; all that means is that you can you can count on it when the data tells you to stream Stranger Things this Thanksgiving.

The survey indicated that 82 percent of kids consider talking about TV to be a tension-free way to bond with their family, which is something everyone could use — especially at the holidays, when things can be a little bit tenser than usual. Plus, 78 percent of millennials are looking to recommend a show to their parents, so the joys of streaming a series are obviously important. And while Stranger Things came out on top of with 56.6 percent of the millennial vote, there were a few options just in case hanging out in the Upside Down doesn't work for you.

Narcos came in next with 24.4 percent, followed by Ozark with 18.8 percent. When it came to shows that baby boomer parents wished their millennial kids would watch, however, the list was a little different. Chef's Table was the most popular pick at 42 percent, followed by Mindhunter at 28 percent, and Samurai Gourmet at 22 percent. Right in the middle was Grace and Frankie, with 34 percent of baby boomers and 21 percent of millennials were on board. That could mean the sitcom is the best way to compromise if both sides of the divide can't agree.

The press release made it clear that while 88 percent of parents might think that Facebook is the way to go when connecting to their kids, the kids may not feel the same; 44 percent of millennials felt that Netflix was the better method when it came to maintaining that bond. So don't bother trying to keep up with watered-down Facebook memes, Snapchat filters, trending tags on Twitter, or even the latest Instagram post: this survey says it's all about Netflix shows. Or at least 57 percent of millennials feel that way.

And finding something to watch will be easy now that a study has given prospective viewers a shortlist of shows to check out. While not all of them appear to be the most on-theme for Thanksgiving (some of the murderous details of Mindhunter might make digestion a little difficult, in my opinion), they're still good places to get started. Who knows — when navigating through Netflix, you might find something unexpected that also ends up bringing the whole family together.

Whatever you and your family decide to watch this Thanksgiving will hopefully be something that makes your holiday even better by giving you another way to connect.

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