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Your Leap Day Horoscope Is Telling You To Make Time For Yourself (For A Change)

It seems like there’s never enough time to get everything done, so when Leap Day pops up once every four years, it's crucial to use these magical extra 24 hours wisely. If you’re wondering how to spend this bonus day, (which just so happens to fall on Saturday, the best day of the week in my humble opinion), look no further than your Leap Day 2020 horoscope. This can help you decide if you should stay home and cross things off your to-do list, plan a fun family outing, or maybe even steal a few hours to spend on some much-needed self-care.

Leap Day always falls during the dreamy Pisces season, so it can be a good time to daydream about the future, then put those plans in action. “Pisces is a mutable water sign that rules the ocean and can shift to accommodate many situations. It's inclusive and idealistic, the perfect energy for an extra day,” astrologer Jessica Huber tells Romper.

Mercury is in retrograde during Leap Day 2020, so things that normally feel easy might present more challenges than usual. “Rather than cursing delays, treat them as an opportunity to slow down and allow for deeper insight,” Huber says. The moon in Taurus presents an opportunity to move slowly and take care of your body. “Be present, and do what brings you joy," Huber says. “Make sure to give yourself plenty of time to be creative.” Keeping the languid vibe of this day in mind, read on for what each of the 12 signs can expect for Leap Day 2020.




If you find yourself with big dreams (literally) this Leap Day, you may get some clarity on an issue that's been on your mind. "Pay attention to your dreams," Huber tells Romper. "If you can’t wait until morning, jot them down in a dream journal when you wake up at night. Brilliant inspiration and insights for your next project might be found there." Whether you've been itching to redecorate the kids' bedrooms or playing with the idea of starting an Etsy business or just about anything else, this is the day to pay attention to the hints your subconscious is sending.



Gather your family and friends together, Taurus, and delight in the leisurely company of your inner circle today. "Remember where you feel the most belonging," Huber advises. "A favorite restaurant or a relaxing gathering at home can be just the thing to ground yourself. Check in with friends who might be lost during this time."



If you feel like you have an added glow today, Gemini, it's because you do. Others are drawn to you this Leap Day, and "a new charisma brightens your presence out in the world," astrologer Scooter Cascadia of Cascadia Wing Burst tells Romper. This could be the perfect day to connect with that other mom at baby yoga who's always seemed like she'd be cool to hang out with or, if you're unattached, maybe send a DM to that cute single dad you met in line at Starbucks. While you bask in your charm, be sure to exercise caution, but don't be afraid of a few bumps in the road. "Controversy could spark new connected communities," he adds.



Maybe you've been feeling a little lost lately or like you're not sure about your next steps in life. (Should you go back to work full-time after the baby? Do you need to make a change in your relationship with your S.O.?) "Leap Day highlights a sense of purpose for you," Cascadia says. You may feel moments from your past resurfacing, making you feel stuck, but give yourself permission to move beyond these feelings. "You are called out to burn bright in an uncomfortable spotlight. Take an unusual friend to help illuminate your path," he tells Romper.



If you've been finding it hard to let go of anger or hurt feelings from an old conflict with your sister or your spouse, this could be the day to set yourself free. "Take the high road and forgive yourself and those around you," astrologer Scooter of Cascadia Wing Burst tells Romper. Consider the question, "who can you be if you allow your own heart peace?" Today is a day to treat your body and your heart well. Instead of indulging, opt for what you know will make you actually feel good, like healthy foods and lots of water.



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Don't be surprised to hear from your college roommate or even an ex (or two) today, Virgo. People from your past may be showing up in droves, and all they want is your company. "It's up to you who you choose to spend time with. Keep it simple and give yourself time to rest afterward," Huber says.



If something feels too good to be true today, it probably is. "You might have a bruised ego before it’s all over," Cascadia says, "but it will be an artful and impressive tale worth telling." Or you could opt to avoid the drama and use this extra day to give yourself time and space to recharge. "If balancing your daily routine is something you keep putting off, now is the time to take heart," Huber says. "Make sure to drink extra water and give yourself additional time to make decisions."



Whether you take the kids for a hike or pull out the crafting supplies, do your best to get out in nature today or make time to express yourself through art. "This is the time to be creative," Huber says. "Dig deep into past projects and give yourself time to reflect and consider what gives life meaning." You may find an opportunity to connect more deeply with others through a shared passion.



You may be staying cozy at home today, Sag, but that doesn't mean you can't make future plans for spring, which will bring expansion and growth for you. "Put family on your travel list!" Huber says. "Check in with home and recharge for the next big adventure."



If you've been putting something off (especially something like cleaning out the playroom or going through the kids' clothes), today is the day to finally begin. "Clear out your closets and take donations to those who need it most. Gather community around you to tackle what needs to get done so that everyone can prosper," Huber says. Expect a lot of communication today, and try your best to make it positive and productive.



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You dream big, Aquarius, and that's a good thing, but today may give you a dose of grounding reality. "Rethink your budgeting concerns," Huber says. "Make sure you give enough to what you truly value and add a charitable contribution each month. You may need to shift your ideals to fit into the real world." Be sure to involve the kids in any charitable plans (it's never too early to learn about generosity!).



With Leap Day in your sign, this is the perfect time to take, well, a leap of faith. "Dream huge," Cascadia says. "You have a compassionate, if raucous, community of supporters nurturing [you]." And if there's a lie you've been telling yourself, it's time to come clean to yourself so you can move forward. Sure, you're used to putting everybody else's needs first, but Hubert says "the focus is on you right now. Pamper yourself and take care in a way you might have put off. Make sure to trust your intuition."


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Scooter Cascadia, astrologer at Deeper Harmony by Cascadia Wing Burst