Here's What You Should Order From Starbucks Based On Your Zodiac Sign

by Cat Bowen

There is a zodiac suggestion for everything, and to be honest, I'm here for it. I am a Taurus with Leo rising, and I don't care if that doesn't actually mean anything, I just think it's fun to figure out what car I should drive or what Riverdale character I am based on my sign. And now, I can even find out what I should order at Starbucks based on when I was born. Choosing a Starbucks drink based on your zodiac is easier than ever thanks to actual suggestions from Starbucks. And who knows — choosing your zodiac's drink might just be what turns an OK day into a stellar all-the-stars-are-aligned day.

With a Starbucks on every corner, getting your preferred beverage is as simple as opening the app on your phone and then picking it up. But does this zodiac chart really match your preferred beverage? It has me listed as a matcha latte, definitely a favorite, but this time of year I would normally go for a London Fog or a flat white. London Fog isn't even on this graphic, and the flat white is listed for Libras. Do I seem like a Libra to you? As per, Libras are happy-go-lucky people who love being in large groups. I am a sarcastic a-hole who enjoys not seeing anyone for days on end. ...Basically the same thing, right? Maybe your match is a little more on the nose.


I was born on the cusp of Aries and Taurus and I love the heck out of this maddening concoction of refresher and coconut milk. Granted, I order it with soy instead of coconut milk, but I'm just contrary like that.


Taurus signs are known for being stubborn and aggressive. If you order your matcha latte without classic — as I do — this is a great beverage for a Taurus. Reasonably bitter and full of caffeine, with just enough whipped cream to lure others in.


Do you want coffee? Do you want espresso? Hot or iced? You're a Gemini. Your dual nature leads you to want both, and Starbucks agrees. Go on, you deserve it.


Astrostyle wrote that Cancers are maternal, warm energies. It would make sense that they are honey citrus mint tea, which is both warm and soothing. It's basically a hug in a cup.

Leo described Leos as "a natural leader of the Zodiac, ready to blaze a trail, vanquish injustice, and make a name for themselves along the way." Passion tango tea makes sense for these bold lions. Get it with lemonade if you need a bit of extra pep in your step.


Judging completely on the beverage choice, I'm going to say that Virgos are emotionally stable, yet perhaps given to a bit of theatrics when puppy commercials are on the television. They probably love fleece blankets, and have more than one rescue dog.


As I said earlier, Libras are supposedly warm and inviting. Maybe they're also deliciously bitter like my beloved flat white. Perhaps we have more in common than I thought. Welcome to the dark side, Libras.


Scorpios are "passionate and independent," according to, so it's no wonder they're downing shots of espresso no matter the time. They probably also order it with natural sugar and in the original glass demitasse cups that the employee has to search for.


Starbucks says that you of the Sagittarius group are "wild at heart." Since your drink is the dragonfruit, I'm going to also assume that you have a pile of gold in your hoard somewhere that you like to sleep on, and that you also breathe fire. I refuse to believe anything else.


Y'all are serious and driven. My older sister is a Capricorn and she will order cold brew when it is -13 degrees Fahrenheit with a wind chill of "freeze your bra to your boobs." This fits — almost like a bra frozen to your boobs, but more comfortably.


You are strong, courageous, and attractive, according to Ganesha Speaks. The latte tells others "I'm likable," while the blonde espresso says, "and I buck the trends." You. I like you. (I won't tell anyone you add three pumps of shortbread syrup.)


My husband is a Pisces, and a huge fan of the java chip frap. Double whip, double chip, splash of heavy cream. (I didn't say my husband made the best food decisions, only that this one fits.)