Here's Your Valentine's Day Horoscope, To Prepare Yourself Accordingly

There's always so much hype and pressure about Valentine's Day. Plenty of us can't help but wonder what's in the cards for us on this (supposedly) most romantic day of the year. Of course, there's no way to predict that — or is there? What does your Valentine's Day horoscope have to say about your holiday this year?

"The theme of Valentine’s Day 2018 is communication," astrologer Pam Younghans of NorthPoint Astrology tells Romper.

"Speaking our truth is not always easy, especially in love relationships where we may be wary of hurting another’s feelings — but with the Sun, Mercury, and the marriage asteroid Juno all aligned in Aquarius on February 14, it will be hard not to share what we’re thinking about how the relationship is working," she explains.

This doesn't necessarily mean that your romantic dinner for two is doomed to devolve into a candlelit confrontation, however.

"The good news is that this is an opportunity to breathe new life into existing partnerships, and to see clearly whether new liaisons offer both parties the space for healthy individuality," says Younghans.

It's all about keeping an open mind (and heart) and remembering to listen to your partner's point of view, too. Luckily, Younghan says the stars are in your favor.

"Thankfully, Venus (who rules relationships) is in compassionate Pisces on Valentine’s Day, which means our capacity for compassion, understanding, and forgiveness is enhanced," she says.

Here's what the stars are telling you about what your specific sign's experience might look like this Valentine's (and your partner's, too!). Only time will tell if it plays out as predicted.



As astrologer Aliza Faragher revealed in Allure, following the transition of Venus (the planet of love and beauty) into Pisces on February 10, your deepest bonds could get even stronger, and any new relationships made during this time "will feel like they were destined to happen." (So, she adds, "be extra aware of who enters your life" right now!)



You might be hoping for an especially luxe gift from your S.O. this Valentine's Day, as AstroStyle explains, because of the almost new moon in Aquarius and your tenth house. But this particular pre-new moon phase (also known as the "balsamic moon," oddly enough) might put you in a fussy mood, the astrology site warns, so give your partner a break if your Valentine isn't exactly what you wanted (assuming there was some effort and thought involved, of course).



If thoughts of a former flame still haunt you, Gemini, you might find that this Valentine's Day involves a romantic reunion. As the Astro Poets wrote in W, "you’ll be inspired to return to a project or a friendship or something you left behind long ago that brings you a lot of happiness. This will be a game-changer for you. It’s the love you’ll rediscover this February."



In a relationship rut? This Valentine's Day could be the perfect time for Cancers to mix it up a bit.

"It's not so much that you're bored with your current lover, although that can be the case," astrologer Maria DeSimone wrote on "More likely it's that you're craving a new experience with your sweetheart, one that makes you feel a sense of adventure and renews your overall faith in the joy of life and living."



High standards much, Leo? That could work in your favor this Valentine's Day. As astrologer Kimberly Peta Dewhirst advised on, "it's a particularly good time to focus on exactly what you want from special unions." Not coupled up at the moment? "Meditate on what you want within a relationship," wrote Dewhirst.



If you're a Virgo, this could be a particularly memorable Valentine's Day for you thanks to Venus (the planet of love) moving through your relationship sector. As DeSimone wrote on, "this might be when you and someone you've started to date realize that you can overcome a certain obstacle that has been making it difficult for your relationship to run as smoothly as you'd like."



Chill that champagne and scatter those rose petals, Libra: "Amongst all the zodiac signs, you have one of the brightest Valentine's Day forecasts this year," according to AstroStyle, thanks to the "nearly-new moon in Aquarius" moving into your fifth house of love on February 14.



Sometimes stability is the sexiest thing, right? "This Valentine’s Day, home is where your Scorpio heart is," astrologer Colin Bedell predicted in Cosmopolitan. "You’ll feel the desire to merge emotional security with romantic suitors."



This Valentine's Day could be a tricky one if you're a Sagittarius, according to an article on by astrologer Virginia Mason. While Mars in your personal sign will make you especially "magnetic," "you’re struggling to stick to anyone," Mason writes. "You don’t want to settle down, and your commitment issues may drive any lover crazy. Don’t avoid the talk — be honest."



No feeling tongue-tied for you this V-Day, Capricorn. That's because, as DeSimone explains on, Venus will be moving through your communication sector from February 10 through March 6. "This will give you an incredible ability to speak from the heart, something that will go a long way towards fortifying your romantic connection," says DeSimone.

Time to pen a sonnet for your beloved, perhaps?



This Valentine's Day could be a game-changer if you're an Aquarius. As Dewhirst says on "Expect major change and the start of something new. This is definitely going to be for the best even if it doesn’t feel so great at first. Keep perspective."



Get ready to close the door on your past (so you can open the window to your future). "Closure is always a gift you give yourself, Pisces," Bedell says in Cosmopolitan. "Fall in love with letting go and new beginnings on Valentine’s Day."

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