Zach Roloff's Quotes About Tori Are Beautiful

by Josie Rhodes Cook

Little People, Big World stars Zach and Tori Roloff welcomed their first child together on May 12. Their son, Jackson Kyle Roloff, was born that Friday, and by Monday, Tori Roloff had already shared a photo of her newborn son on Instagram. Clearly, they are very excited to show off their new bundle of joy. When it comes to Zach and Tori, it's clear in photos of the couple and by viewing their TLC show that they're very happy together. Zach Roloff's quotes about Tori also show that he adores her, both on and offscreen.

According to In Touch Weekly, not long after Jackson Roloff's birth, Tori went on Instagram "to gush about motherhood." The parents are clearly thrilled with the adorable new addition to their family, and with good reason. Their little 9-pound and 1-ounce, 20.5-inch-long baby is super cute, and what parent isn't totally in love with their newborn?

But Tori isn't the only one who can "gush" about someone she loves. Past quotes from Zach about his wife show just how much he loves and cares about her, leaving the rest of us to sigh and maybe slightly seethe with envy. In a good way, of course.

When it came to the impending birth of their son, Zach told People that he envisioned Tori as a "loving mother hen" to their child, showing that he feels she'll be a nurturer to their son — maybe because he's seen her loving attitude in other ways in all the time they've been dating and married.

And as they prepared for the birth, and Tori got bigger and more uncomfortable in her advancing pregnancy, Zach clearly wanted to do everything he could to help his wife with the process. Inquisitr reported that he said in a clip of Little People, Big World:

The more trials you go through, the more depth you have in a relationship. I have to be attentive — I want to help her, I want to be there for her, try to make her as comfortable as possible.

Tori also reportedly asked Zach what about the pregnancy was hardest for him, and he said, “Honestly, I don’t like you being uncomfortable." Her comfort is clearly a priority to this doting 27-year-old husband.

And their engagement showed how special Tori is to Zach as well. According to HowHeAsked.com, Tori could tell something was up just before Zach asked her to marry him. The setting was beautiful, and his brother, Jeremy, who took their engagement photos, recalled that his brother had it all planned out carefully, and when the big moment came, "almost immediately he grabbed Tori's hand, bent down and asked her to marry him. Tori was stoked, and of course said yes, as they kissed."

Speaking of photos, one need look no further than the photos on Zach's Instagram account to see how much he adores Tori. Many of the photographs are of her, or of him and her. Captions include things like, "One year wedding anniversary today with this hot caring sexy sweet babe best friend wife of mine! Looking forward to 99 more years with her!" One particularly striking photo of Tori was simply captioned, "Babe."

And on the episode of Little People, Big World that featured their wedding, Zach's love for Tori was very evident. The Daily Mail reported that Zach said of his bride: "She's my best friend," as he smiled. And that as Tori walked down the aisle with her father, Zach teared up and said of the moment, "It was surreal, it was beautiful."

Moments from their wedding were captured in a music video of the occasion shared by TLC. In it, Zach said other lovely things about his wife, including, "She didn't worry about the size difference, what people would think. Very confident," and "I don't see myself with anyone else."

The Daily Mail reported that in his vows when they got married, Zach pledged to "never stop pursuing" Tori, and that he would hold her hand until they are 82 "and beyond."

Now, with years of dating, a happy marriage, and a new baby to reflect on, it's very likely that Zach has plenty of wonderful things to say about his wife. Hopefully he'll get to keep saying them until they're 82 — and beyond.