Zakiyah & Paulie Shouldn't Hook Up On 'Big Brother 18' For These 4 Reasons

by Zakiya Jamal

When it comes to showmances on Big Brother 18, Zakiyah and Paulie are the first couple that comes to mind. From their late night cuddles, serious talks, and secret meetings, it's clear to just about everyone that they're into each other, and for the most part fans support it. Dubbing them with the ship name "Zaulie," these two have become the couple to watch. It seems like almost nothing can come between these two, making them possibly the strongest alliance in the house right now. But even though they're super cute to watch should Zakiyah and Paulie really hook up on Big Brother 18?

As any Big Brother fan knows, a showmance could lead to the demise of either one, or both, of the houseguests involved. Jealous or threatened houseguests could target either one of the people involved or the couple could just be seen as a threat in general. Feelings could be hurt if the romance doesn't last and alliances could be destroyed. There's so much that could go wrong in a showmance that one has to wonder if it's even worth it. We've definitely seen it happen on seasons past. Here are just a few reasons why Zakiyah and Paulie may want to reconsider their showmance.

It Makes Them Bigger Targets

Although Zakiyah and Paulie have both agreed they should try to keep their romance low-key so there's no target on them, they've both been terrible at keeping their hands off each other. Everyone in the house knows they're together. There's no denying it and with everyone's eyes on them they'll definitely become targets if they aren't already. Why are they targets? Because they're a couple, and couples are very threatening in this game, because they are loyal to each other.

They House Is Divided

Recently the house has begun to divide itself between the girls and the guys. The girls currently outnumber the guys, and with Victor lined up for the next eviction, the girls could dominate the house. Zakiyah may have to decide between Paulie and sticking with the ladies, and it may be in her best interest to just kick Paulie to the curb.

They Don't Completely Trust Each Other

Although these two talk a lot, there's still a lot they keep from each other. For example, even though Paulie is pretty much a part of the Eight Pack now, Zakiyah didn't tell him about the alliance. Instead it was Corey that spilled the beans. Similarly, Zakiyah hasn't told him about the Fatal Five alliance she has with the ladies of the Eight Pack, and has even said she'd be willing to vote Paulie out in the future.

Showmances Are Distracting

Showmances may be cute but this is Big Brother, not The Bachelor. The goal is to win that $500,000 prize, and although Zakiyah and Paulie are both great, they can't both win. They each have to remember that although they may like each other, only one of them can leave with that big cash prize, and if they're not careful they may get so caught up in each other they forget to play the game.