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These Zodiac Signs Are Destined By The Stars To Keep Their Promises

by Cat Bowen

Everyone will tell you that they keep their promises, but how honest are they being about that? We all know someone who flakes on parties, forgets deadlines, or renegotiates contracts on the fly. Wouldn't it be awesome if there was a way to tell if someone would keep their word without all of the hassle? It turns out that astrologists believe that they can predict the most trustworthy sorts based on their signs. Here are the zodiac signs that keep their promises, according to astrologers.

There's one thing that all of these signs have in common, and that is that they love order. Breaking promises represents a form of disorder, and that simply does not mesh with their preferred world view. Also, there's a hint of vanity behind it. They always want to see themselves as the kind who keep their promises, according to the popular astrology website Astrogle. Different astrologers rank the most trustworthy signs slightly differently from one another, but there are four signs that are always near the top of the charts.

These four zodiac signs that keep their promises are perhaps not the signs you were expecting. As a Taurus, I know that we tend to re-broker deals, and it's one of our worst qualities, but I was surprised to see that Pisces do the same. It's all about the combination of trustworthiness and a love of meeting expectations.



Cancers are one of the most trustworthy signs there are. They hate breaking promises and breaking trust, according to, which is why Cancers are frequently homebodies. They would rather not make plans than risk having to break them. If a Cancer makes a plan with you, rest assured that unless you cancel it, they're going to show up.

They're fierce on a deadline and likely do all of their holiday shopping months in advance. They're the kind of friend you want around in a crisis, because they won't offer up polite chit chat or pretty white lies, but instead, just knuckle down and help. They're pretty amazing.



Scorpios aren't doing it because they have some overarching need to not hurt others. Nope, for Scorpios it's all personal duty, according to YourTango.

Scorpios care a lot about their own image, not so much as how others perceive them, but how they perceive themselves. They are more worried about keeping their own word than keeping their word to you. Not that they're callous — they're not — they're just very internally motivated. That's not a bad thing. In fact, it can be great, especially if you're married to a Scorpio. Your partner will likely have a very clear image of how much they want to help you, and they will stick to that. Even if at times that can be overwhelming.



Virgos are organized to the point where it might be interpreted by others as a bit neurotic. They can be perfectionists, according to Labyrinthos, and this can lead to a fair amount of worrying over details.

Fortunately, that also means they cannot abide a broken promise. It is too much dysfunction for them. Also, they are natural givers, so they're truly ashamed of themselves if they feel they've let down someone they care about.



Leos are kind and full of love, but they also really want others to love them in return, according to Ganesha Speaks. The idea of breaking a promise is anathema to them because they don't want to hurt your feelings, and they also don't want it to reflect poorly on how you view them.

This doesn't just come into play with promises, either. Leos are who you turn to when you want bad news delivered succinctly, but without the bite.

In the end, sometimes broken promises just happen, and it's how we deal with that which matters.