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Zoe Saldana Doesn’t Schedule Play Dates & Her Reason Makes A Lot Of Sense


There are a lot of reasons to set up playdates for your kids. For starters, they get to hang out with their friends while parents — who aren't hosting or supervising the playdate — can get a breather and take care of themselves for a few hours. But, as reasonably expected, each home and each family has their own set of rules to follow, which can be a bit stressful to remember for the little ones who just want to let loose with their buds. And that’s why Zoë Saldana doesn’t schedule playdates for her three little boys: 2-year-old twins Cy Aridio and Bowie Ezio and infant son Zen, who she and husband Marco Perego welcomed earlier this year.

Don’t invite us!” the 38-year-old actress jokingly told People earlier this week at Walt Disney World for the grand opening of Pandora – The World of Avatar, new multi-million dollar, 12-acre “land” at Disney’s Animal Kingdom.

“Our kids are free,” the Guardians of the Galaxy star continued in the same interview. “We’re rambunctious. We’re a loud family, and we don’t stop from 5 a.m. to 9 p.m. And literally, we just don’t have any playdates. You can always come to our house, our doors are open. But we don’t ever want them to be exposed to negligence, or to someone getting angry with them for just being boys.”

Saldana went on to explain to People that she "couldn’t be more in awe" of who her sons are and "their natures as boys."

"We put so much pressure on them. Through our nurture, we tamper so much," she continued. "So I’ve been leaning in on the books, and talking to parents of boys, getting any advice from fathers and mothers that we can grab. My husband and I are sponges, because we are determined to raise happy, stress-free men."

In another recent interview with C Magazine, Saldana opened up about balancing motherhood and her successful career, explaining that life as an actor is "always a mix."

"My career and the kids really all happened together at the same time," she told the magazine for its cover story. "You can’t expect your career to be super high all the time, and you can’t say no when opportunities like this come along. But I find myself really looking forward to downtime."

She further explained that there's always a fear of "missing out," whether it's with her career or with her kids. She also acknowledged that she has a lot of great people around who help her do it all.

"I have a lot of great people helping me raise my children, and also a partner in life," she said. "I thought that mothers were the ones who really felt the separation from their kids. But I've seen the pain in a father's eyes when they've been away. It is universal for parents, not just for women."

As she manages to juggle motherhood with three little boys, Saldana is currently filming Avengers: Infinity War where "she'll reprise her role as Gamora from the Guardians of the Galaxy franchise," according to Entertainment Tonight.

With so much going on in her life, the reason why her kids don't go on playdates makes a lot of sense — she wants the precious time she has with her family to be free and wants her boys to feel welcome to just be boys.