7 Well-Designed Products That Prove New Moms Don't Have To Sacrifice Style

Ready for the understatement of the year? Becoming a mom changes your life. (I’ll go ahead and pause here for snorts and knowing laughter, because duh.) Becoming a mom changes your life in all kinds of ways, from the ones you expect (hello, sleepless nights) to the ones you don’t (six outfit changes in a single day? Yeah, it’s a thing).

But only moms who’ve been through it know just how important it is to hold on to as much of the “you” that you were before you became a mom. Those things — whatever they are for you — can help thread some much-needed normalcy into your new life. Think about it this way: Your pre-motherhood identity and lifestyle were yours. They are yours. And there’s no need to stick them on a shelf for another time! You’ve got every right — and even a duty to that dynamic woman you’ve become from birth until momhood — to hold onto them.

I’ll give you an example. I remember the excitement of choosing items for my baby registry... until I actually started choosing items for my baby registry. I suddenly found myself being pushed to add items like diaper bags in pastel, balloon-printed fabric, and jungle-themed everything for the nursery. These didn’t feel like things I’d normally want, purchase, or use. Did this new beginning really have to feel like such a far removal from everything that made me me?

The answer is — thankfully — no! All it took was a few calls to my trusted mom friends to learn that just like there are options for pastel-loving jungle enthusiasts, there are also products designed to complement my own style and preferences. My college roommate — a been there, done that mother of four — pointed to her Stokke® Xplory® X Stroller as the ultimate example of an effortlessly chic baby product that fits into her life and style. With a protective reclining stroller seat that’s tested for safety and quality, the stroller boasts premium detailing and comes in a range of straight-from-the-runway hues so she was able to pick the one that felt like her.

Inspired by this combo of fashion and function, Romper teamed up with Stokke® to deliver a list of top baby essentials that prove there’s no need for moms to sacrifice their personal style. Keep scrolling and start stocking up.

The Sleek Stroller Moms Swear By

Think stylish wheels that fit into your existing life (and preferred aesthetic) is too much to ask? Think again! This little number is not only luxurious, but safety-tested and good for kids from birth up to 48 pounds. 360-degree swivel wheels make this the best choice to help you effortlessly maneuver through everything from crowded train stations to busy grocery store aisles. Its adjustable height options and multi-facing seat will grow with your babe, and a protective, ergonomic design is perfect for keeping them tastefully covered no matter the weather. And bonus: It’s available in yellow, black, grey, blue, and red, which means you’ll be able to find the one that aligns with your vibe.

A Chicly Convenient Carry Cot

Every little one needs an uber-comfy carrier to fit snugly and securely for walks in your on-the-go stroller, and believe it or not, it doesn’t need to be the clunky, cumbersome eyesore you may expect. This one boasts a chic minimalist style that goes with everything and feels like an on-the-go nursery. Full ventilation and a breathable mattress mean you can both breathe easy while they enjoy the extra large canopy, and a hard plastic shell provides strong protection no matter where its stowed.

A High Chair That’ll Last Forever

When it comes to a high chair that’s going to occupy space in your kitchen for the foreseeable future, it only makes sense that it should match you in style and comfort. This minimalist design grows with your baby, providing a cozy, ergonomic place for newborns, gentle support for when they’re able to sit at the table, and a comfortable place to perch all the way through childhood and even adulthood (yes, really). It’s crafted with European beech wood, making this fully adjustable piece as visually pleasing as it is strong.

A Grows-With-Them Crib (With A Grownup Aesthetic)

This stylish little circle crib actually expands to accommodate your slumbering babe from newborn up to 10 (!) years old. Its smart design features lockable swivel wheels and an adjustable-height mattress base, along with removable side rails and a fully breathable design for a custom experience with a clean look. This is one piece that will hold up from your dream nursery all the way to their first “big kid” room and beyond.

A Statement High Chair

If you never expected a high chair to be a statement piece, you’re not alone. I’ve met many a mom who can’t wait to fold theirs up and tuck them away for good. But this one is available in a range of on-trend colors to match your personal style and home aesthetic, and comes with everything your little one needs at feeding time from 6 months up to to 3 years. Its all-in-one design and tool-free assembly (yes, please!) makes this modern high chair a stay-at-home or on-the-go option that you’ll love for years to come. Pro tip: You can purchase a travel bag that makes it a breeze to take the Clikk™ High Chair on the go.

A Cute, Collapsable Baby Tub

Gone are the days of the gigantic plastic infant tub that sits inside of your own, overwhelming the space and transforming it in unwelcome ways. Meet the lightweight and portable option that collapses completely flat as soon as you’re done with it. During bath time, this lil’ baby effortlessly harmonizes with any decor you have while keeping your actual little baby safe. Ergonomically designed with a non-slip base, this convenient choice will be there for you through all your baby-bathing needs.

A Sleek Ride-On Suitcase

Traveling isn’t something you have to give up when you become a mom, but it does make things trickier than the “get up and go” you once knew. Anything specifically designed to make family travel simpler and much more comfortable is a huge yes in my book. That includes this spacious ride-on suitcase that you can pull your babes along on (or have them pull for themselves). Bonus points for easy maneuvering and a practical top-opening design to keep your little’s items in place on the go, plus an actual mattress and soft side panels to create a cozy space for them on the plane seat (how cool is that?).