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Artifact Uprising’s Early Years Book Is Here & It’s Absolutely Gorgeous

A beautiful way to document your kids’ toddler and little years.

A lot of parents spend the first year of their child’s life documenting every moment, but once their first birthday comes along, it all stops. There are so many wonderful moments to remember in the toddler and preschool years, though, which is why Artifact Uprising’s Early Years Book is so amazing because it gives parents a place to keep those moments. Yes, your baby’s first word is certainly something you’ll want to remember forever, but so is their first soccer game, first bite of ice cream, and definitely their first “I love you.”

The Early Years Book comes as a follow-up to Artifact Uprising’s best-selling baby book. This new book is designed to document your little one’s life from their first birthday through their fifth and has writing prompts, space for printed photos, and absolutely beautiful craftsmanship. By their fifth birthday, you’ll be able to look back through this book and see how their personality, interests, and abilities evolved (pro tip: have a box of tissues handy when this time comes).

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Each birthday has its own prompts, like “something you’re figuring out” and “little adventures you’ve taken” on their first birthday. For their second birthday, there’s a place for you to trace their little hand and how they (hilariously) pronounce some of their favorite people’s names. On their fifth birthday, your kid will get to participate in the memory keeping by telling you some of their favorite things and drawing their own self-portrait, complete with their adorable little signature. Years later, when the temper tantrums have passed and their once-favorite toys are collecting dust, this book is going to remind you of those sweet early years when simply blowing some bubbles in the backyard would have them smiling and squealing with laughter.

The Early Years Book has a four-ring binder format, a fabric hardcover with foil stamping, and is available in several color/foil combinations. It comes with 50 sheets of double-sided high-quality paper (100 pages total) with space for 70 photo prints, and more pages are becoming available soon. Additionally, the book comes with a free set of everyday prints, a pen, and adhesive to secure the prints to the pages.

You can get your own book from Artifact Uprising starting July 7.