The 5 Best Baby Bath Thermometers

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by Steven Rowe

When prepping a bath for your infant or toddler, an easy-to-read, child-safe thermometer makes it easy to know if the temperature is just right — and they’re also helpful during pregnancy when you want to take a relaxing bath. The best baby bath thermometers have clear displays which accurately indicate if the water is too hot or cold at a glance, and are durable enough to last through your child’s toddler years. Plus, some bath thermometers come in kid-friendly designs that can double as a bath toy.

According to the Mayo Clinic, a baby’s bath water should be around 100 degrees Fahrenheit. To make it easy for parents to quickly check the temperature, most bath thermometers float on the surface of the water, have clear LED displays, and read temps in just a few seconds. Many of these digital, battery-operated thermometers can display temperatures in Fahrenheit or Celsius, depending on your preference, and they also often blink to let you know if the water is too hot or too cold. Some even double as room thermometers so you can make sure the environment is toasty warm. But if you’d rather not use batteries or don’t need extra features, you can opt for a basic alcohol or oil-based thermometer which uses fluid levels to indicate the temperature.

Finally, you can choose from a variety of fun designs in bright colors and animal shapes to make bath time more fun for your little one. There are a lot of options out there, so to make it easier for you (because we parents can all use a break), read on for my list of the best baby bath thermometers on Amazon.

1. The Writer’s Pick

I was a pretty nervous parent when my son was born and one of the many things we worried about was making bath time safe. This turtle-shaped thermometer was easy to toss in his infant tub and later into the big tub, and it always gave a quick reading. The BPA-free thermometer can be set to Fahrenheit or Celsius, it updates its temperature reading every 10 seconds, and it has lights to indicate if the water is too hot or cold. It also reads the room temperature. This thermometer has lasted us two years without needing to change the battery, and it became one of my son’s favorite toys when he started to use the big bathtub. Batteries are included and the thermometer turns off automatically after 30 minutes. It’s also available in duck or crocodile designs.

Enthusiastic Amazon review: “I love how easy this makes getting the bath temp right for my baby [...] It also just looks like a toy so it doesn't look out of place and she will be able to play with it as she gets older. It is super easy to use in and out of the water.”

2. A Classic Yellow Rubber Duckie

This rubber duckie thermometer has a lot to offer at bath time. It can be adjusted between Fahrenheit and Celsius and has a built-in clock so you can keep track of the time. It’ll also read the temperature in the room. The BPA-free thermometer has two lights that can indicate if the water isn't ready yet — flashing green for too cold and flashing red for too hot. This duckie is available in three styles — classic duck, lady duck, and winking duck — and batteries are included. According to reviewers, it also turns off automatically to preserve battery life.

Enthusiastic Amazon review: “I purchased this to monitor bath temperatures during my pregnancy (and when the little guy arrives, for his baths too!). It works great! I set an alert for if the bath water is getting too hot, so I know to adjust the faucet as the water fills. I also love the timer feature. You can either have a timer count down and alert you, or you can just set it in the water and it will track its total time.”

3. An Easy-to-Read Manta Ray

If your child is a fan of all things under the sea, you might both like this teal-blue manta ray bath thermometer. It works as a bath and room thermometer, and turns on when you shake it. The display will say “cold” or “hot” with blinking lights to let you know if the water needs to be adjusted. Plus, the temperature reading updates every five seconds. The BPA-free thermometer comes with batteries and will automatically turn off after 30 minutes. This brand also offers three other designs: a purple manta ray, a yellow duckie, and an orange circle. However, this thermometer only displays temperature in Fahrenheit.

Enthusiastic Amazon review: “A useful little gadget— this cute thermometer has a light that blinks red or blue to tell you if the water is too hot or too cold, in addition to the digital display. It’s made me and my husband more confident about having our baby’s bath at a safe temperature… plus it doubles as a cute bath toy!”

4. An Oil-Based Thermometer That Doesn’t Require Batteries

If you prefer an analog bath thermometer, this oil-based thermometer features cute sea creatures and is a highly rated option. Made by the popular baby brand NUK, this floating thermometer contains rapeseed oil that will adjust levels to indicate the temperature of the bathwater. The measurements are in Celsius but the handy range scale printed on the front shows what’s too hot, too cold, or just right. Plus, the thermometer is shatterproof, and even if it does break, the brand notes that the oil is harmless.

Enthusiastic Amazon review: “Great thermometer, easy to read. Another item for baby to play with while enjoying their bath. Dropped few times on bath tiles from 1-2ft it's still intact.”

5. The Best Budget Thermometer

This is the cheapest digital thermometer on this list, but it still features plenty of useful features. This purple hippo thermometer turns on automatically, gives temperature readings in seconds, and works for bathwater and room temperature — when it’s not in the water, just place it upright on a shelf or table to easily read the display. The BPA-free thermometer can be set to Fahrenheit or Celsius, and it has high- and low-temperature indicator lights with “hot” and “cold” text on the display. Batteries are included, and the thermometer turns off automatically after 30 minutes.

Enthusiastic Amazon review: “Great product, very accurate & my daughter also plays with it.”