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The 8 Best Baby Spoons

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by Margeaux Baulch Klein

When it's time to start introducing solid foods, the best baby spoons will help you meet your child's needs safely. Made of soft silicone or plastic tips, these utensils are easy on their gums and designed with your feeding style in mind, whether parent-directed, baby-led, or both. Although some infants may be ready sooner, the CDC recommends that babies can be spoon-fed starting at 6 months old and can use a spoon by themselves starting at 10 months.

While metal spoons aren't particularly dangerous to use, they could be harder on gums and the temperature isn't always predictable, which is why you'll notice most options come equipped with a softer tip. Plus, a soft tip can help satisfy a baby's urge to gnaw, and there are even some specifically designed to serve as teethers, too. The most affordable options will feature a plastic handle, however, if you're willing to spend a little more, bamboo is an eco-friendly option that's high quality but will require handwashing.

Beyond softness, you may also want to consider the size and shape. If you're planning to practice baby-led feeding and/or just want your little one to be able to explore the food on their plate themselves, a shorter, ergonomically designed handle and tip that allows for dipping and scooping will give them more dexterity. Meanwhile, more traditional, oval-shaped spoons with longer handles will be easier for parents to hold as they reach for a baby seated in a high chair.

With that in mind, you'll find a list of the best baby spoons you can buy on Amazon below!

1. These Highly Rated Spoons That Change Colors When Hot

These Munchkin white hot safety spoons have amassed more than 3,870 glowing reviews on Amazon for a reason. They have soft BPA-free, soft plastic tips that alert you when baby food is too warm (110+ degrees Fahrenheit) by turning white. Beyond that, they are affordable, dishwasher-safe, and designed with long handles and a tapered tip to help make feedings go more smoothly.

Helpful review: "These spoons are fantastic for your first feedings with your baby. We started on solid foods with our 5-month-old with these spoons, and they are perfect as they don't have too deep of a 'groove', which is hard for the baby to get food out of. I love the color-changing feature, even though we rarely serve warm food. It's nice to have, however, as it prevents any guesswork if we do use warm foods."

2. These Flat Spoons That Are Easy For Young Babies To Dip Into Purees

Purees are often a challenge for young babies to eat by themselves, but these NumNum pre-spoon GOOtensils make the task easier with their innovative design and small size. Each spoon is made of a soft textured silicone material with a flat head so it can be used at any angle. The stage 1 spoon has a dimpled tip to better hold liquidy first foods. It can be pre-loaded or dipped into a puree, and the raised texture on the tip is also designed with teething in mind. When your baby is ready to eat thicker purees or solids, he or she can move onto the stage 2 spoon included in the set that can hold more food at a time. Both spoons are dishwasher-safe and free of BPA, PVC, and phthalates and you can grab them in a number of color combos beyond the gray/green featured here.

Helpful review: "My sweet girl is just attempting purees and she would shut down when I'd try and put a spoon in her mouth. Now I just dip this in the puree, hand it over and she does her own thing. Allows her to feel a sense of control over her eating as well as working on her fine motor skills."

3. These Foldable Spoons That Are Perfect For Your Diaper Bag

When you need to feed your baby away from home, this set of Skip Hop spoons is the perfect solution for keeping the spoons clean while traveling. Made of BPA-free silicone, these spoons have a built-in rest to keep them from touching surfaces. And when you're done, you can neatly fold them into their case (similar to a travel toothbrush) so they can be stowed away in a diaper bag in-between feedings. The longer handle and spatula tip design make them easy for parents to use, and best of all, they can be safely cleaned in the dishwasher.

Helpful review: "These are pretty soft neutral colors, flexible tipped, and shaped a little square at the end so makes it easier to get food on the spoon and to scrape the inevitable run-off from baby’s face."

4. A Combo Spoon & Food Dispenser That Makes One-Handed Feeding So Easy

For less messy one-handed feedings, this Boon squirt baby food dispensing spoon is what any multitasking parent need to reach for. The entire spoon is made of dishwasher-safe and BPA-free silicone material, and it has a very unique design feature: It comes in four colors and can hold 3 ounces of puree inside the spoon's long handle. To dispense it, you only need to squeeze the handle and the food will be dispensed on the soft tip. This makes it simple and far less messy than trying to open up a separate container and scoop a spoon in with just one hand. You'll also get a cap but note that it only covers the spoon part.

Helpful review: "I bought these to use with a 5 month old baby who is just starting baby oatmeal/cereal. I just put the baby cereal, water, and formula powder in the 'handle' compartment, screwed the spoon part on, covered the spoon with the lid, and shook it and it was ready for eating. Great for easy cleanup especially when traveling."

5. This Value Pack So You Will Always Have A Clean Spoon Ready

You'll never have to worry about finding a clean spoon for your next feeding with these BPA-free and dishwasher-safe Munchkin soft-tip baby spoons. For such a wallet-friendly price, this set of 12 utensils is still of great quality featuring a long handle and soft, silicone tips. The vibrant colors will make them easy to spot, and thanks to the amount you're getting, you'll have enough to send to daycare, keep in your diaper bag, and even store in your glove box in case you need to feed baby on the go.

Helpful review: "These infant spoons are wonderful! They have soft and flexible spoon tips and an easy-to-hold handle (like an ergonomic toothbrush). These spoons are easy to clean and are very well made! I recommend these infant feeding spoons! The price is also excellent!"

6. This Adorable Two-In-One Spoon And Teether

This Baby Toon silicone teether spoon made quite a splash when it appeared on Shark Tank— not only because the inventor was only 10-years-old when she got a deal, but also because of how thoughtful the design is. Made of 100% silicone (that's dishwasher-safe), the multipurpose product is easy to hold with no sharp angles or sides making it perfect for a teether, while the wide animal shape (available in an elephant, alligator, or koala) helps prevent choking by only allowing the spoon end to go in so far.

Helpful review: "This is super cute and a great texture. My 6 month old just started solids and even though she wasn’t a fan of my cooking (peas) she still continued to bring the spoon to her mouth for small tastes. Also loves to chew on it when not eating."

7. These Leaf-Shaped Spoons That Can Scoop Up Food From Any Angle

This set of two Olababy training spoons is another great shorter handle option for babies learning to use a spoon on their own. The tips are leaf-shaped, allowing them to better scoop from any angle. Plus, since the entire utensil is made of flexible silicone material, which means they can be used as teethers. Dishwasher-safe and BPA-free, these spoons are also available in a longer version for parent-directed feeding. There's a matching bowl, too.

Helpful review: "I love, love, love these spoons. I am able to easily scrape food off his mouth and scoop from jars and bowls. He enjoys chewing on the spoons and tries to self feed. They are just the right length and thickness that at six months, he was able to start doing so. Sometimes, I just hand him the spoon for teething."

8. This High-Quality Bamboo Spoon & Fork Training Set

Crafted from 100% organic and food-grade bamboo and BPA-free silicone, this Avanchy set is a great way for parents to introduce both a spoon and a fork (or, in this case, a rounded "spork") into their baby's feeding routine. And with so many eye-catching colors (five spoons and five forks are included), it also makes for a beautiful baby shower gift. The wider scoop has a soft tip that's gentle on little mouths and the shorter handle makes it easy for infants to grasp. Just note that given the high-quality nature of the bamboo, these are hand-wash only. However, you can remove the silicone tip for those times when you need a deeper clean.

Helpful review: "These are the best baby spoons ever. The silicon tips are extra soft so her teeth don't scratch and the bamboo handles are so easy to hold. At 7 months she can grab the handle and feed herself with no worry that she will stab herself in the eye. The colors are cute also and we've had no issues with staining."