The 4 Best Toddler Bed Rails You Can Buy On Amazon

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If you’re transitioning your toddler out of the crib, the best toddler bed rails can help to keep them safe in their new 'big kid' bed. Safety is the highest priority when choosing products for your toddler, so look for bed rails that are labeled as meeting American Society for Testing Materials (ASTM) safety standards. It's also helpful to know that the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) advises only using bed rails for kids who can get in and out of an adult-sized bed without help — so you'll want to confirm your child is ready before you start bed rail shopping in earnest.

Bed rails are sold in packs of one or two in case you want to place one on each side. The two most common styles of bed rails are metal rails and bumpers. Metal bed rails provide a secure barrier without taking up too much horizontal space. While these rails feature a sturdy metal frame, they should have a breathable mesh cover for comfort— and top picks swing down to provide easy access to the bed when needed. Metal bed rails are actually pretty simple to install, and most have straps, a hook-and-loop fastener, or clamps to ensure they'll stay put. If you decide to go with this type of rail, make sure you choose one that's compatible with your child's bed size. Note: Only use bed rails with an adult mattress and a box spring — other bed types, like cribs, toddler beds, bunk beds, or inflatable mattresses, may not be strong enough to support the rails. For safety, bed rails should also extend at least 5 inches above the top of the mattress in order to provide adequate protection.

If you’re looking for a low-involvement alternative for more confident toddlers, bumper-style rails are soft bolsters that sit on top of the bed, creating a less imposing (and frequently less tall) barrier that warns toddlers they're approaching the edge. Bumpers do take up significant room on the bed, so they're only a good choice if your child can spare the space, but they're easy to install since they're usually held in place by a fitted sheet. Bumpers are frequently made from a soft foam, but inflatable options may be more portable.

Whether you're looking for a tall metal rail or a soft bumper, these four bed rails are highly regarded on Amazon, with thousands of parents indicating they’ve used them to keep their little ones safe at night.


A Double-Sided Bed Rail That Tucks Away Under The Mattress During The Day

If you’re in need of a double-sided bed rail, this pick from Regalo is your best bet. Each of the two included bed rails features an all-metal sturdy frame that's 18 inches tall, and the covers are made of a nylon mesh that's ultra breathable. The rails swing down for easy access to the bed. And when not in use, they can tuck between the mattress, so they’re completely out of sight.

The bed rails will fit twin to queen-sized mattresses. In terms of safety, this pick meets the safety standards set by the ASTM and has been certified by the Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association (JPMA). It even has a patented “Gap Guard” protection which helps prevent dangerous gaps from forming between the rails and the mattress.

If this Regalo rail appeals but you're looking for something longer, the brand also makes a popular 54-inch-long bed rail.

Enthusiastic Amazon review: "Have been using these for about 6 months now on my daughter's full size bed and we are really happy with them! We bought them when she transitioned to the full size bed that was pretty high up. It comes with 2 rails(one for each side) and they easily slide in and hide away when not in use. I honestly thought I'd be too lazy to hide them away everyday, but it really only takes a few seconds before making the bed."

  • Available size: 43 x 1 x 18 inches (length x width x height)


A Bed Rail That’s Compatible With All Bed Sizes

This bed rail from TotCraft is compatible with all bed sizes and all types of bed frames, so you can be certain that it’ll fit your toddler’s new bed. The bed rail is made from a sturdy metal, and the mesh cover — which is machine-washable — is also totally breathable. For ease, the bed rail swings down, making it simple for your toddler to climb in and out, and for you to make the bed.

The bed rail is easy to install by sliding the bottom of the rail under the mattress and securing the rail with a nylon strap and hook-and-loop fastener to help hold it in place. This pick has been tested according to ASTM standards.

Choose from two colors — white or gray. This pick is also available in an extra-long length.

Enthusiastic Amazon review: "Our toddler tosses and turns so much that he’ll find himself on the floor. We bought this bed rail for our son to keep him on the bed and prevent injury. It was so easy to put together this rail that even our oldest was helping. We can put the rail on our toddler’s bed or on our king bed for those times he insists on sleeping in our bed. We can all rest more comfortably knowing that our toddler isn’t going to fall out of bed in the middle of the night."

  • Available sizes: 35.5 x 1 x 19.5 inches and 59 x 1 x 19.5 inches (length x width x height)


A Foam Bumper-Style Bed Rail

With more than 6,200 reviews on Amazon, and a standout 4.7-star rating overall, this bed bumper from Hiccapop is a clear favorite on the site. And it makes sense that people are into it. The bumper-style bed rail is made from a soft foam material (that’s free of mercury, lead, heavy metals, formaldehyde, and phthalates), and installation is literally so simple — spread out the fabric flap under the fitted sheet, and you’re good to go. The machine-washable cover features a silicone-beaded, non-skid fabric that’ll stay firmly in place.

While Hiccapop assures buyers that the bumper meets federal safety standards, it's worth mentioning that this bumper is 4.5 inches in height. Whereas the metal bed rails above are intended to act as a barricade to stop toddlers from falling out of bed, the bed bumper serves as a minor barrier and a warning; according to Hiccapop, when your sleeping child brushes against it, they should automatically know to roll away. That said, the manufacturer does not recommend using this product on a top bunk or loft bed.

This Hiccapop bumper comes with a lifetime guarantee and will fit any bed size. If your toddler needs a bumper on both sides, this pick is also available in a two-pack.

Enthusiastic Amazon review: "I have been more than impressed with this bumper for our almost 3 year old. When we first made the transition into a twin bed for our little one, she had no problems falling out of the bed. Then after about 5 weeks, she fell out of the bed twice in one night! So I immediately did some research and found this product on Amazon and ordered it. She hasn't fallen out of the bed at all since we put this on. It doesn't move because of the non-skid bottom, it's not too much of an obstruction (like a big railing or something) and works great! I was actually a little skeptical - but it's done the job quite nicely! I also appreciate that it's soft yet sturdy so if she does bump into it into the night - it's not a hard railing. My daughter also likes it and is aware that it's helping her not fall out of the bed. Happy parents and tot over here! Highly recommend!"

  • Available size: 52 x 7 x 4.5 inches (length x width x height)


An Inflatable Bumper-Style Bed Rail

This set of two inflatable bumper-style bed rails from The Shrunks is an amazing solution for those who are worried about their little one falling out of bed while traveling. The bumpers inflate in seconds (the included foot pump helps with this) and installation is a snap — simply slide the bumpers under the fitted sheet, and they won’t budge all night long. Grippy strips help to keep the rails in place, too. Like all products from The Shrunks, these bumpers are tested to ensure they meet safety standards such as those set by the ASTM. As with the Hiccapop bumper, these bumper-style rails aren't as tall as metal bed rails.

An included storage bag makes traveling with this bed rail even easier. If you only need one bumper, this product is also sold in packs of one.

Enthusiastic Amazon review: "I was a little skeptical, but this thing is really easy to inflate and deflate, fits under our regular sheets without difficulty, stays in place, and keeps my toddler (who moves a LOT in her sleep) from falling out of the bed. It even comes with a little bag to carry the deflated bed rail and pump on trips. Super glad I decided to go ahead and buy it!!"

  • Available size: 48 x 7 x 4 inches (length x width x height)