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12 Best Toddler Water Shoes For Everything From Oceans to Puddles

Get ready to make a splash.

Whether your kid can’t resist a muddy puddle (thanks Peppa Pig) or you signed them up for swim lessons or have a vacation planned somewhere with an ocean or a lake, there are tons of reasons why your kid may need shoes that can get wet (like, really soaked). These toddler water shoes are durable, quick-dry, comfy, and they all have traction because chances are your little one will be running on land in them too.

From super affordable aqua socks, to sneakers that can go from the hiking trail to the river, to water shoes from brands you know like Adidas or Nike, there’s something on this list that will work for your kid (even if they’re very particular).

The beauty of water shoes for kids is that unlike a regular sneaker or a fabric sandal, these shoes dry in a flash, because there’s really not much worse than soggy shoes (except scraping your toes on the pool bottom). Some of the options are fully rubberized so they will literally dry in minutes (and are easy to clean) and others have a breathable mesh material with drainage to clear out excess water. Most of these double as everyday shoes too, because your toddler probably isn’t poolside all the time, but regardless if their feet are wet or dry, what’s cuter than a toddler in Tevas?

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A Close-Toed Water Shoe From Northside

For a shoe that will take you from hike to swimming hole (or city streets to puddle-jumping) these breathable, quick-drying shoes have drainage construction to remove excess water. These are great too for rocky river bottoms or for kids who don’t like to feel muckiness on their feet.

Firetruck Tevas

Tevas are having a resurgence, and your toddler can get in on it too. The quick-dry webbing straps are made from recycled plastic (and the shoes themselves are recyclable and vegan). The hook-and-loop velcro closure means your little one may even be able to get these on and off themselves (or at least with minimal help).

Toddler Water Sandals From Keen

Whether your kid is exploring the splash pad at the park or swimming with the fishes in the ocean, these Keen water shoes have them covered. They’re super lightweight, quick-drying and water-repellant, and they come in several colorways. The sandals also have something called “aquagrip soles” which keeps them from sliding or slipping when wet.

Rubber Toddler Slip-Ons From Native

You’ve probably seen a kid (or a grown up) in these super cute slip-ons sneakers with holes for drainage. Like rain boots without all the bulk, these are fully rubber, and they’re odor-resistant, which is an added perk. They come in great colors too.

A Toddler Water Shoe With Back Strap From Target

These rubberized sandals with a backstrap keep slippery little feet in place, plus they have that trendy Birkenstock look without the hefty price tag. Made of an EVA plastic material, these are easy to clean and hold up outside in land or in water. Plus the sprinkle print is adorable, but it comes in other colors and prints too.

A Close-Toed Toddler Water Shoe From Adidas

Get all the comfort and convenience of a toddler water sandal, but protect little toes with this option from adidas. They’re made of a quick-dry fabric with a velcro closure, and they’re designed to fit in a snug and comfy manner, almost like a sock.

A Toddler Water Sneaker From Merrell

These little Merrell water sneakers are super groovy thanks to their tie-dyed upper. These have a wide toe box, perfect for wider feet, and they’ll keep toes from getting scratched up. They’re made with recycled materials and have a grippy rubber outsole for added traction.

A Simple Toddler Water Shoe From Amazon

When you need a simple water shoe that won’t break the bank, these aqua socks are great. They’re super stretchy and easy to get on and off (even when wet) and they dry quickly, plus they have added protection in the toe and heel so they can be worn on the beach or poolside in addition to in the water.

A Frozen Water Shoe For Kids

For kids who need Elsa and Anna to go with them every step of the way, these Frozen water shoes will be a hit. The upper is a quick drying polyester material with an easy-to-use hook and loop closure. Plus if your child is reluctant to wear water shoes, a pair with their favorite character on them may make the prospect of wet shoes a little more appealing.

Toddler Crocs

Whether you love Crocs or aren’t sure of their appeal, one thing is for sure: they make great water shoes. They’re comfy and easy to clean, plus they float if they accidentally get knocked off in the pool. Kids will have fun decorating the holes with Jibbitz (those Croc charms) too.

A Toddler Shoe From Speedo

Speedo has been in the water shoe game for a long time now (I wore a variation of these as a kid) and for good reason: they’re comfy, quick-dry, affordable, and cute. The mesh upper is breathable and the sole has plenty of traction, and these are available in a few cute prints like hearts or flamingos.

An Aqua Sock From Nike

Get your toddler some sneaker cred early on with these cute water socks from Nike. They’re made with a quick-drying mesh upper and a grooved rubber sole for traction even on slippery surfaces. They also come in a cool black and white.