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8 Brands That Make Cute Blue Light Filtering Glasses For Kids

Your kid will actually *want* to wear them.

by Lindsay E. Mack and Anne Vorrasi
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Whether they’re doing homework or relaxing with the latest episode of Daniel Tiger, most kids get a bit of screen time each day. Although phones and tablets can be amazing boredom-busters, there is some concern about the way exposure to blue light from electronics might affect kids. In this case, there are brands that offer blue light filtering glasses for kids to potentially reduce the negative effects of screen time. Sometimes known as gaming glasses, this type of eyewear can potentially give parents some peace of mind.

So what’s the deal with blue light? Part of the visible light spectrum, blue light is emitted by everything from the sun to electronic devices, and it’s believed to make humans more awake, according to UC Davis Health. This could be why those late-night phone scrolling sessions lead to sleep issues. “The biggest thing with blue light is that it can mess up your sleep patterns,” optometrist Dr. Ashley McCain said in Right As Rain by UW Medicine. In order to downplay the effects of blue light while allowing kids to keep playing on the tablet, some parents are turning to blue light glasses for kids that reportedly reduce the effects of this type of light.

Available with or without prescription lenses, blue light glasses for kids and tweens can be an affordable option for parents who are concerned about screen time damaging their kid’s sleep. But the best blue light glasses are the ones your kid will actually wear, which means they need to be comfortable and fashionable enough for your kid’s unique taste. Here’s a roundup of the coolest blue light filtering glasses brands.

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Cruz Kids

Created with a durable nylon frame, Cruz Kids glasses even have two different lens tints available for your blue light blocking needs. Offered in a range of sizes and colors, these blue light filtering glasses are perfect for young kids, tweens, and teens.



Available in a classic range of eyeglass styles and colors (such as this cat-eye inspired tortoiseshell frame), the blue light glasses from Pixel look like any other pair of eyeglasses. Your kid can guard against light from electronics in stylish specs.


Defender Shield

One of the most affordable blue light-filtering glasses for kids, these flexible frames are available in some vivid and fun pops of color. Even better, the frames are designed to be durable enough for even rowdy kiddos.


Pair Eyewear

Designed to fit kids around the ages of 5-9, these impact-resistant lenses are available with a blue light-tinting option. Plus, there’s a ton of different kid-friendly designs, colors, and frames available, so your kid’s personal style can shine through.


Fitz Frames

Available with a blue light filtering option, Fitz Frames glasses are designed to fit kids perfectly. There’s a whole range of frames as well, from wayfarers to rounded lenses.


Jonas Paul

Offering fashion-forward glasses for kids and teens, the Jonas Paul line also includes non-prescription blue light lenses as well. (And if your kid does need prescription lenses, just add the blue light filtering option to their order.) These Solomon frames are a classic choice.



Available in six fun colors, the CalmOptics blue light filtering glasses are made from flexible, durable frames designed for active kids. You can encourage your kid to enjoy technology without worrying about broken frames.



These non-prescription glasses feature an adjustable nose bridge for a custom fit. The blue light filtering options include a clear tint that blocks 25 percent of blue light, a slight green tint that blocks 40 percent of blue light, and an amber tint (for nighttime use only) that blocks 60 percent of blue light.


Felix Gray

Offered in small and large sizes to fit a variety of kids, the Felix Gray blue light filtering glasses are another fashionable and modern option. The rectangular Faraday frames in particular will work for just about anybody. It’s possible to grab some affordable blue light filtering glasses for your kid that they’ll actually enjoy wearing.

Whatever their sense of style, there's a pair of blue light glasses your kid will love. Even if science is still hammering out the long term effects of excessive exposure to blue light, these lenses can at least help protect your little one's eyes for the time being.

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