Picky Eaters

Presenting food in fun new ways is a great way to get picky eaters excited about eating.
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8 Fun Ways To Serve New Food To Picky Eaters

Because you’ll cut anything into a pumpkin shape if it means your kid will eat it.

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Picky eaters are... particular.

But lots of experts swear by presenting new foods in a fun way for kids so that they’re more encouraged to try them. Cut them into fun shapes, add a dip, or let them choose their own toppings — try something new to get them to at least touch a green bean.

Arranging snacks in a fun pattern or shape, like a rainbow, can entice your child to both “eat their colors,” and try something new.Stefania Pelfini, La Waziya Photography/Moment/Getty Images
What is it about eating things off a skewer that just feels more fun? Try this idea with fruit, veggies, protein, or even breakfast items. Tip: make sure there’s at least one “safe” food for your kid on there that they’ll eat no matter what.
Try cutting toast or another favorite bread or “base” into a fun shape and encourage your child to try out new toppings by building a car. They might be more likely to try tomatoes when they can zoom around the table.Shutterstock
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Dip it!

Give your kid a whole bunch of different dips, and then something you want them to try, like veggie strips or a protein or whatever. If they can dip it themselves and try out new flavors, they may find a combo they like. (And they’ll feel in control.)

Look, at some point you just have to give in to their whims. But try a super fun shape of their favorite chicken nugget, and then pair it with veggies or items they’re sort of “meh” about. Let them “play” with their food.Shutterstock
Stick it on a toothpick!

Seriously, your kids might be willing to try new things if you hand them a toothpick to use. (Just make sure they’re big enough to use them safely.)

Gosh, I love a theme. These are Halloween-themed treats, and who knows, maybe celery with creepy monster eyes will make your kids actually want to give it a try.Shutterstock


Tiny containers or silicone baking cups can make a little tiny kid smorgasbord and turn into a fun snack. Feeding Littles suggested that kids might even use the containers to pour or move their snacks around and, hopefully, try them.


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