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8 Things To Nab At Hanna Andersson’s 50% Off Black Friday Sale

The best time of the year is happening right now. Time to get strategic.

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OK Hanna freaks (that’s what we call ourselves, right?), brace yourselves: it’s 50% off everything right now over in the land of vaguely-Scandinavian stripes-and-stuff land. If you are committed to dressing your kids in Hanna Andersson at all costs, you’ll be glad to know that every last thing you’ve been eyeing on your not-infrequent visits to their alluring website is half-price right now. The Hanna Andersson Black Friday sale (which started early) lasts through Nov. 26, at 11:59 p.m. PST, but look — don’t sleep on this sale. The stuff we love most is already starting to sell out in the sizes that you need most.

It’s overwhelming right? You get all their emails all year long, and while they often have 30% off sales on certain items, the sales are never on exactly what you need, right? Usually it’s like 20% off sweaters in July and useless things like that. But right now it is every last thing. So, we’ve sifted through the lovely offerings and chosen the most important things to buy right now with that precious 50% off. Get some practical stuff — hello, undies — and some fun, splurge-y things, too. Get a fancy dress for your friends’ kid with a January birthday, get some PJs, too. Go bananas! It won’t be this affordable for at least another year. Here’s what we’re nabbing right now.


A splurgy holiday sweater for your niece

Parents of small children know better than to spend $60 on a mostly white fancy sweater. But that doesn’t mean they don’t kind of wish they could dress their kid in one. Make the choice they know better than to make and just buy this sweater for them.


A great winter coat with room to grow

Usually, practical gifts feel a little boring. But a great, warm winter coat feels gifty and festive when it’s this brightly-hued color-block number from Hanna. Get it while it’s cold!


Those pants your kid lives in, in the next size up

Your kid is so weirdly proud to wear jeans now but has not yet quite mastered getting those pesky buttons done and undone, which means that these pull-on pants are the fave. As in, wear-everyday. Time to get a few back up pairs, and you might as well size up while you’re at it.


A cute outfit for Christmas that your kid will be comfy in

You want her to look super cute, but your toddler deserves to be comfy, too. And who wants to spend Christmas stressing about the candy cane crusties and frosting smears that will inevitably get all over your kid’s outfit? Enter this comfy, cheerful, cozy dress that honestly needs to come in adult sizes.


Swim stuff for next summer

Whether your kid needs swim trunks — like these super fun flamingo print ones that would be adorable on a kid of any gender — or a rash guard, this is a great moment to load up. When that first swim day comes along, you won’t have to scramble. Just be sure to size up a bit, considering how much your kid will likely grow between now and June.


New PJs for the kids

This one is a no-brainer, but those adorable pajamas that you’re always on the fence about buying are not going to be 50% off anytime soon. Give yourself — and your kid — a little Christmas morning treat and just go for it.


Underwear, in the next size up

You’re going to need the next size up sometime in the next year, and right now they’re 50% off. This one is kind of boring, but you’ll thank yourself when the morning comes that your child’s bottom starts busting out of their current briefs.


The brightest, cheeriest snow pants

Your little bunny will be the sweetest one on the slopes in these ultra-fun, cozy snow pants. You know that weather is coming — you might as well feel excited to dress your kid in the otherwise cumbersome gear.

Live it up, Hanna freaks — Christmas came early.