The Healthybaby Cyber Monday Sale Is The Perfect Time To Stock Up On Award-Winning Diapers

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by Ileana Morales Valentine
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The sheer number of options for parents these days is amazing for finding the right fit for your family’s needs. But the slew of choices can also be overwhelming when babies need so many things. That’s especially true if you’re looking for a healthier version of diapers, wipes, and the like for your family.

For a one-stop shop, Healthybaby is a brand worth getting to know — if you aren’t already a fan of their nontoxic baby products — and now is the perfect time to try it out because they’re having a Black Friday sale that starts early and goes late. It’s the perfect time to get to know their award-winning diapers and other products as well.

About Healthybaby’s Black Friday Sale

Sales are rare for Healthybaby, so this is likely the only time during the year to give it a go with their nontoxic baby essentials at a discount. Here’s what you need to know — and the dates you need to add to your calendar:

  • On Tuesday, November 22 through Thursday, November 29th you can snag 15% off deal when you use the promo code THANKFUL at checkout.
  • The deal gets even sweeter if you wait to shop till November 24 through November 29 when you can cash in on free shipping, too.

The Healthbaby Picks You Don’t Want To Miss

1. The First EWG-Verified Diaper

Okay, so Healthybaby makes the first and only Environmental Working Group (EWG)-verified diaper out there and their monthly diaper bundle is a must-have. That verification means these nontoxic diapers meet the organization’s strict standards for health and you can rest assured that these diapers are free of what the EWG deems chemicals of concern. That’s no small feat.

You’ll also love that this plant-based diaper is made with organic cotton and Forest Stewardship Council (FSC)-certified materials, which means it was sourced from responsibly managed forests. This diaper was in development for three years, and you’ll also appreciate the moisture-wicking and highly absorbent design for overnight leak protection. This bundle comes with 150 to 210 diapers, depending on the size you need. (Newborns go through diapers faster than older infants; if you don’t know, now you know.) Buy the bundle once for $150 or sign up for the monthly subscription and let the diapers show up automatically to your door.

Shopper Review: “The ONLY diaper I feel safe putting on my baby. It's the softest, most absorbent, and safe diaper out there. It so worth the price to know my babies are in the best. The fit is very nice and leaves no red marks. So glad that there's a brand out there that actually cares about babies safety.”

2. The EWG-Verified Wet Wipes

These premium wet wipes are EWG-verified and FSC-certified, like the matching diaper bundle above, and they’re also water- and plant-based, too. These wipes are also biodegradable and thicker and larger than other wipes, which reviewers say means you can use fewer of them to get the job done.

With soothing ingredients like aloe, chamomile, and vitamin E, these wipes are gentle enough to use on sensitive skin.This four-pack comes with 256 wipes, and it’s also available in an eight-pack with with 512 wipes. Buy these once or sign up for a monthly subscription — so you never run out of wipes just when you need them.

Shopper Review: “Never Going Back. I've used every wipe under the sun for my kids and I love how big these are. Pricey but we can use fewer of them. Any skin irritation we've experienced in the past has cleared since using Healthybaby diapers and wipes and I have to believe it has to do with the ingredients (or lack thereof!) in the products.”

3. The Plant-Based Laundry Concentrate That’s Good For 170 Loads

Keep your baby’s clothes clean with this nontoxic laundry concentrate that’s plant-based and mineral-based for a wash that’s effective and gentle, too. The easy-to-use pump on this 34-ounce bottle (thank you Healthbaby, you thought of everything) is a welcome feature for underslept caregivers everywhere, and this one bottle is good for up to 170 loads of laundry. The set also comes with three wool dryer balls, a gentler alternative to dryer sheets that’s more sustainable and free of artificial fragrances that can irritate sensitive baby skin.

Shopper Review: “So far so good. Gentle, no scent, and peace of mind with safe substances meeting with our newborn’s skin who will already be working extra hard to be as strong as possible coming into the world three weeks early in a high risk scenario.”

4. The Probiotic Body Wash That’s Also Shampoo

You’ll love this 2-in-1 shampoo and body wash that’s concentrated and gentle yet effective enough for infants and their adults. The plant-based concentrate is made with probiotics intended to support your growing baby’s microbiome. The kit includes a 34-ounce bottle that’s good for up to 200 bubbly warm baths, and it comes with two refillable stainless steel pump bottles that make the formula foamy and easy to dispense.

Shopper Review: “I love this shampoo! It's super effective at cleaning, but mild enough that it never irritates skin. I love that it doesn't contain any harsh chemicals, not to mention it literally never seems to run out!”

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