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20 Free Jellyfish Coloring Pages You Can Print From Home

Who knew jellyfish could be so cute?

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Kids often go through phases where they are totally enamored with different toys, activities, objects, and animals. For kids who love coloring and have a newfound (or existing) interest in ocean life, spending a day working on jellyfish coloring pages would be considered time well spent. And, thanks to the internet, you don’t even have to buy them an expensive coloring book for them to do this.

There is nothing my oldest daughter loves more than art, including coloring. The amount of crayons, markers, and coloring books that are overflowing from the shelves in the playroom is borderline embarrassing, and we have constantly a backlog of finished pages waiting to be displayed on our fridge (there’s only so much room, after all). Since she goes through so many coloring pages and books, her hobby has become very expensive so I am always on the hunt for free coloring pages online, and there are a lot of them out there.

If your kiddo is currently loving underwater animals and you are like me, not wanting to spend a small fortune on coloring books, then you should definitely print out a few of these free jellyfish coloring pages. Aside from them being extremely cost-effective, they’re also so cute and will really add something extra to your fridge decor.


A Sleeping Jellyfish

This little guy looks like he’s taking an underwater nap, so maybe it will inspire your toddler to follow suit when they’re done coloring the page. For optimum success lulling your tot to sleep, consider diffusing some lavender scents, playing some calming music, and dimming the lights (well, not too low, since your kid needs to see what they’re doing). If it’s nowhere near naptime, don’t worry, this jellyfish coloring page is fun whether your kid is wide awake or barely keeping their eyes open.


Jellyfish Friends Coloring Page

Do you what is better than one jellyfish to color? Two jellyfish, that’s what. This coloring page features two moon jellyfish, which are sometimes called “moon jellies.” Their defining feature is their big bowl-like top which looks almost see-through. Though they look similar to the ones Dory and Marlin swim through in Finding Nemo, these jellyfish differ because their legs are actually pretty short.


Cute Jellyfish Coloring Page

Those big eyes are just begging to be colored in. If real jellyfish looked like this, we’d probably all be a lot less scared of them. In reality, jellyfish’s eyes are not nearly as cute. In fact, the box jellyfish has 24 eyes. Yes, twenty-four. Why in the world a jellyfish needs that many eyes is beyond me, so I’d much rather pretend that all of those little sea critters are sweet and look like the one on this coloring page.


Jellyfish Adult Coloring Page

For adults, or kids who love a good challenge, this jellyfish coloring page has so many tiny details that it will take hours to finish. With all of these little lines, you (or your child) will want some fine tip markers to create a gorgeous, colorful work of art. That is, assuming you want to stay in the lines. If you don’t then go wild with whatever medium you choose. As with all art, what your jellyfish coloring page looks like when it’s finished pales in comparison to how much fun you had while doing it.


SpongeBob & A Jellyfish

Fans of SpongeBob SquarePants will particularly enjoy this coloring page, where he’s riding a jellyfish off into the sunset (or, whatever the Bikini Bottom equivalent of a sunset is). While they color the picture, you can teach them a little SpongeBob trivia (hey, whatever it takes to keep both of you occupied, right?), like how the show premiered way back in 1999 or that there are more than 275 episodes of the show. Another way to pass the time is to sing the catchy theme song a few times, because it’s honestly hard to resist.


Fancy Jellyfish

Just look at those long lashes and plump lips. This jellyfish is all kinds of fancy and cute. While you may want to get some false lashes or mascara application tips from this pretty jellyfish, it turns out that real jellyfish don’t actually have lashes (which is just unfortunate). Their eyes do work a lot like humans, though, as they can see color and sense shapes, size, and light sensitivity. Whether or not they also need glasses like humans do is TBD, but it’s fun to imagine them with some.


A Silly Jellyfish Coloring Page

Where do you think this jellyfish is swimming off to? With that big smile, it’s obviously somewhere fun. Seeing a real jellyfish with a smile like this is sadly unlikely, but did you know that some jellyfish do have teeth? According to CBC, “The beroid comb jellyfish has hundreds of rows of ‘teeth’ made of tiny hairs that can pierce, tear and pull their prey into their stomachs.”


J Is For Jellyfish

With this free coloring page, your kiddo can not only get creative but also practice mastering their letters. You don't have to have a degree in early childhood education to help guide them along with this, either. Just practice the sound a few times, see if they can write the letter themselves, and then let them color to their heart’s content. Something like this will keep learning fun instead of turning it into a chore for your child.


Grumpy Jellyfish

Remember “Grumpy Cat”? I’m pretty sure this is the jellyfish version of that (and just as cute). When a real-life jellyfish is angry or feels threatened it won’t make an adorable unamused face like this, it will instead use its tentacles in defense. When they use their tentacles, they’re actually releasing a venom that is strong enough to paralyze their prey. Lucky for humans, it doesn’t paralyze us, it just hurts really bad.


Jellyfish Coloring Page With Patterns

Here’s another great coloring page for adults or kids who love coloring in a lot of detail. There are so many dots, scales, and lines to work on in this picture that it should keep your little one (or you) occupied for a while. If you want to get really creative, try to stick to a color palette and see how the picture turns out (gorgeous, probably).


Cartoon Jellyfish

This coloring page has bubbles, plants, and the most adorable little jellyfish, so it will definitely keep your kiddos occupied for a little while. This is a great picture for a child who is learning how to color inside the lines because it has a good mixture of large spaces and little details. Of course, the finished picture will be beautiful whether your kiddo stays in the lines or not, but a good challenge is always a little fun.


Life-Like Jellyfish Coloring Page

While it still has the fun whimsy of a cartoon jellyfish, this coloring page is also pretty realistic looking and great for kids who are learning what sea animals actually look like in real life. They can color the jellyfish just about any hue and still keep it looking real, too, because jellyfish can be all kinds of colors. There are more than 2,000 different types of jellyfish in the ocean, so pretty much any color is probably fair game.


Under The Sea Jellyfish

I imagine this is what a jellyfish looks like as it's blissfully swimming through the ocean. Look at those legs, like that jellyfish doesn’t have a care in the world. In actuality, though, most jellyfish do have a few things to care about underwater because they have quite a few predators lurking under the water. Various types of fish, turtles, crabs, birds and even sharks and whales enjoy making a meal out of jellyfish.


Multiple Jellyfish

With this coloring page, your kiddo gets six jellyfish to color in. They all look a little different, giving lots of opportunities for creative coloring. To make this even more fun for your child, have them color the jellyfish in without repeating a shade on two jellyfish (so every jellyfish is a totally different color from the rest). This is a fun way to work on color identification for younger kids and just a good challenge for older ones.


Jellyfish With Bubbles

Well, if this isn’t the happiest jellyfish there ever was. Bubbles floating around, wide eyes, and a big smile, this jellyfish is obviously living the dream. Print this page out on regular printer paper for your kiddo to color it in with crayons. For a little more fun, print it out on thicker paper and have your little one use watercolors to create an underwater look. Don’t forget to hang it prominently on the fridge after it dries.


Doe-Eyed Jellyfish

This jellyfish coloring page is perfect for younger kids who are working on staying inside the lines. There’s nothing complicated about the design and little ones will love their finished product. For optimum success, make sure you’re giving your kiddo a coloring utensil they can easily manage based on their fine motor skill development.


Ocean Jellyfish Coloring Page

While the jellyfish on this page is not totally real-life-looking, it’s also not overly cartoonish either, so kids of all ages will enjoy coloring this one in. If your child is really interested in ocean life, do some Google research with them on jellyfish. Look at pictures of the varying species of jellyfish and determine which this cartoon looks the most like.


Deep-Sea Jellyfish Coloring Page

With a realistic image of what a jellyfish may look like under the sea, this coloring page has lots of details and objects to color in to create an underwater masterpiece. Jellyfish can certainly be found floating amongst the plants in the ocean since they’ll definitely come across some as they ride along currents. While coloring this page, have your kid research different places a jellyfish might be found underwater.


Simple Jellyfish Coloring Page

Perfect for younger kids, this cartoon jellyfish has plenty of space for coloring and is a great opportunity for preschoolers to work on staying inside the lines. While crayons are obviously a favorite medium amongst younger kids, this is also a great picture for your child to practice using a paintbrush. While fine motor skills are needed for both crayons and painting, the paintbrush is a little harder to control so it takes longer to master (and with all of this coloring space, there is plenty of room for learning).


Underwater Jellyfish Coloring Page

This jellyfish seems to be floating around, enjoying the plants and bubbles around it. Okay, so it doesn’t have a face that tells us it’s enjoying itself, but those legs seem to be swimming around pretty carefree, right? Of course, in reality, a jellyfish’s tentacles do a lot more than float. They’re used for defense and for capturing their prey to eat and their length can vary from short to incredibly long depending on the species.

With these downloads, you can create an entire book of jellyfish coloring pages for your kid for free. Once they’ve worked through all of the pages, make them a new ocean or animal-themed book with other free coloring pages you can find online. There are so many great pages to choose from (which means you never have to overspend on coloring books again).