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15 Moms On What They Bought Right After Childbirth

From guilty pleasures to recovery essentials.

“Nipple butter, Silverettes, and all the sore boobie things!” — Stephanie B., Illinois Westend61, Getty Images
“New bottles, because my second baby hated the ones we already had.” — Lori F., North CarolinaOscar Wong, Getty Images
“Sushi. And nipple cream stuff... because YIKES!” — Xandra D., North CarolinaAleksandr Kuzmin, Getty Images
“A pack of cotton granny panties. I still wear them, actually.” — Sara H., Arizona Ng Sok Lian / EyeEm, Getty Images
“My son ended up needing high-calorie formula, so that’s the first thing I bought after having him.” — Elizabeth F., Illinois
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“A stuffed animal for my oldest as a gift from her new baby sibling.” — April F., Indiana
“A Shipt membership!” — Amber S., North Carolina Carol Yepes, Getty Images
“A second changing table for downstairs.” — Beth T., Indiana filadendron, Getty Images
“Starbucks and a Jimmy Johns Turkey since I couldn’t eat lunch meat! And I was famished after labor/delivery!” — Amanda G., Indiana
“Sushi after my first and beer after my second.” — Rachael B., North Carolina doable/a.collectionRF, Getty images
“A bunch of preemie clothes and diapers.” — Ashley Z., North CarolinaEvgeniia Siiankovskaia, Getty Images
“After my vaginal delivery, I quickly ordered pads and Dermoplast.” — Holly C., Massachusetts
“Some 2-in-1 bras that I could pump and nurse in.” — Alex Y., ColoradoBodily

“This is not very glamorous. I got on Amazon and ordered witch hazel pads and a giant bag of Epsom salt for sitz baths.” — Megan S., North Carolina

“I put in a grocery pickup order, but I made sure to include some prosecco to celebrate with my husband.” — Katie G., Ohio

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