Old Navy’s Back To School Collection Is All About Self-Expression, & We’re Here For It

Give your kid a stylish start to their school year.

On the comically long list of experiences that are different as a parent than as a kid, “back to school season” easily clocks into the top five. When you’re a kid, getting ready for a new school year is exciting! There are shoes to pick out, ‘fits to coordinate, and plenty of anticipation for the experiences that lie ahead. And when you’re a mom, you have all the same things to look forward to! Except this time, you’re the one managing the budget.

Luckily, Old Navy’s new back-to-school collection makes it possible to stick to that budget and give kids of all personalities the stylish start to the school year they deserve. For the star student who’s likely to envision the hallways as runways, Old Navy’s supply of mix-and-match skirts and tops, graphic tees, and trending jeans give them a canvas to create a look that feels uniquely them. And for the kid whose day revolves around recess, Old Navy’s range of cozy sweatshirts, colorful leggings, and elastic-waist joggers will empower them to hit the playground running.

No matter what your kid is looking forward to most in the new school year, Old Navy has all the back-to-school clothes essentials they’ll need to head to class as the most authentic version of themselves.

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Lean into layers as the perfect solution for balancing frigid classroom AC with it-still-feels-like-summer recess heat. Easily coordinate a lightweight, colorful top with an elastic-waist skirt, then offer them some coveted temperature control by completing the ‘fit with a contrasting crew neck tied around the waist, a classic denim jacket, or both!

The best part about these wardrobe staples is two-fold: not only is the formula of jeans + a sweatshirt + sneakers a quick and easy one to ace, but it’s also the perfect combination for encouraging your kid to express themselves. Start them off with a vibrant hoodie, a neutral flannel, and go-with-anything jeans, then help them swap in beloved T’s, colorful pants, and confidence-building favorite shirts all year long.

Consider this the capsule wardrobe for the school-aged crowd. A gender-neutral denim jacket looks just as great over dresses and uniforms as it does graphic T’s and joggers, while a striped top and khakis are endlessly versatile. Finish their outfit with a neutral shade of faux-leather clogs, then revel in the time-saving satisfaction of shoes that don’t require laces.