Siblings play well together.
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The 3 Best Sibling Zodiac Sign Pairings, According To Astrologers

For some siblings, friendship seems to be written in the stars.

Do you ever wonder why some siblings annoy one another like it's their job, while others get along super well most of the time? Maybe it's written in the stars. The best sibling zodiac sign pairings, according to astrologers, are destined to play well together.

"The zodiac signs that get along best as siblings tend to have harmonious energy with one another. Signs of the same element often get along, as well as signs with complimentary elements (water and earth; fire and air)," Emily Ridout, MA, Professional Yoga and Astrology Teacher, tells Romper. (Here's a quick guide to the elements in astrology from Bustle for more info.) For example, the grounded and practical Earth signs (Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn) tend to vibe well together, as well as Fire sign (Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius) siblings who understand one another's drive and determination, Chelsea Jewel, Intuitive & Spiritual Coach at Soulful Journey Coaching, tells Romper. Because every sibling relationship has its own unique dynamics and influences, however, astrologers are quick to note that there's no perfect pairing of signs. Even which sibling is older can have a huge influence on their relationship, Ridout explains. In other words: your astrological mileage may vary, so don't panic if your kid's signs don't happen to fall on the list. For the most part, though, here are some of the sibling Zodiac signs that tend to become BFFs over time.


Cancer & Capricorn

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This pair can form a nurturing bond. "For an older sibling Cancer (whether male or female), they'll feel very protective over their younger sibling and want to help nurture him/her," says Jewel. "An older sibling Capricorn (again, regardless of gender) will take on a similar responsibility for their younger sibling, wanting to show him/her the ropes, especially when it comes to school and learning to work hard to set and achieve goals in life." That kind of bond can be permanent, for sure.


Leo & Libra

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Sharing attention is what it's all about with the sign of the Lion. "Leo is the sign of the self, and likes to be the center of attention," says Ridout. "Leo does well with Libra and Sagittarius energy, both of whom will offer Leo some of their valuable attention, but not so much that they're overpowered by the sibling dynamic." Ridout wasn't the only astrologer to single out this particular pairing. "Leos like to take charge and be the center of attention, while Libras are happy to release the decision-making and time in the spotlight to their sibling," says Jewel. It's often a good mix of energies.


Taurus & Virgo/Capricorn

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Earth sign siblings will probably get along just fine. "The stable, fixed bull of the Zodiac rings true to the phrase 'stubborn as a bull' and Taurus kiddos can be very stuck in their ways and can be hard to change their mind," Sarah James Carter, a practicing Astrologer and Human Design reader, tells Romper. "Their dependable and somewhat possessive ways will become insta-besties with fellow earth signs such as Virgo or Capricorn." They can easily remain loyal and lifelong friends.