A picky eater boy placing two mandarins on his eyes with packages of vitamins spread on the floor ar...

What Type of Picky Eater Do You Have?

by Una LaMarche

Have a picky eater?

LOL, who doesn’t? Whether it’s the color, texture, taste, or smell that offends them, children are notorious for being the world’s pickiest foodies. That’s why we love Renzo’s Vitamins, a (non-gummy!) multivitamin that multitasks to support your kids’ health. Their vitamins, or “Melty Tabs” are designed to melt in the mouth, leaving no sticky residues behind!

(Yup, that’s literally the name) was designed for kids who have, ahem, ‘refined palates.’ Click through to find out how Renzo’s can help every type of picky eater — yes, even yours.