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15 Other Baby Names Like Olivia, If You Like Its Sound & Meaning

Just in case you've already got an Olivia in the family.

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So you love the name Olivia, but maybe your close friend just used the name for her new baby or your spouse had an ex by the name (a deal breaker in my book). Fortunately, there are a lot of other baby names if you like Olivia, and 15 of them are rounded up in this list. From super similar names like Olive or Amelia to names that may not sound reminiscent at first but share a similar, natured-derived meaning (like Aspen or Flora), there's a name on this list that you'll love just as much.

Olivia has been a popular name for years (it ranked as the fifth most popular baby girls name in 2020, per Today) and for good reason. The name itself is derived from the Latin word for 'olive' and because of its beautiful sound it's been used in everything from William Shakespeare's Twelfth Night to the strong and stylish main character in Scandal (Ms. Pope) to the beloved pig from the children's book series Olivia. Read on for names that are similar to Olivia either in sound or meaning.



If you love names that end in ia then Amelia is a gorgeous name which feels similar to Olivia (and also pairs well with the name if you have an older child with the name Olivia already). Amelia means 'work' per NameBerry and is of German origin, plus your child will have a ball reading the Amelia Bedelia books.



Sophia has that soft round sound that Olivia also has and it's a gorgeous alternative meaning "wisdom" per NameBerry. It's about as common as Olivia (it was BabyCenter's top name of 2020) and it calls to mind the beautiful and strong Sophia Loren.



There's something so cute and whimsical about the name Olive, and because Olivia means "olive tree" in Latin, Olive is about as close as you can get to the name. It's a sweet name for a baby but it carries well into adulthood, too.



The four-syllable name has a similar feel to Olivia thanks to all the vowels. It's a Spanish and Italian version of the name Elizabeth, per NameBerry, and it means, "pledged to God." I could see Izzy and Liv making cute sister nicknames.



They may be the only Allegra in their preschool class because the name isn't super common but it has a similar feel and tone as Olivia. Allegra means "cheerful and lively" per SheKnows and it's the perfect name for a fun-loving, bubbly little person.



The name Odessa sounds both regal and whimsical, and if what you're after is a name that starts with the letter O, then it's a great alternative to Olivia. Odessa is actually a city in Ukraine and it would be a lovely name to pair with an older sibling named Savannah, Charlotte, or Austin.



From the Greek word for "idyllic place" comes the name Acadia (per NameBerry). It's a beautifully melodic name that feels similar to Olivia, but it's far less common. Some people opt for Arcadia instead.



You can't say this name without thinking of Pippa Middleton, and the name means "lover of horses," per NameBerry, so it's the perfect name if you imagine horseback riding in your daughter's future. Like Olivia, it has a sweet, preppy quality.



While there may be many Eloises and Eleanors, Ella actually did not rank in the top NameBerry names for 2020 surprisingly. It has that middle "L" sound like Olivia, but this name meaning "fairy maiden" is short and sweet.



For lovers of the nickname "Liv", Lydia is a great alternative. With its Biblical meaning of "standing pool," per SheKnows, it's a great name for a water sign baby (Pisces, Cancer, and Scorpio).



If you're into beautiful French names, Odette is a lovely option meaning "wealthy" per NameBerry. It mimics the O sound of Olivia and is both strong and feminine.



Cora has the same soft open sound as Olivia, plus the sweet A sound at the end. According to Baby Names, it means "heart" in Greek (similar to the French 'coeur') so it's perfect for the new addition that's totally captured your heart. I can see this name growing in popularity in the years to come.



A nature-inspired name meaning "Flower" in Latin, Flora is a lovely alternative to Olivia that's due for a comeback. Florence (Latin for "blossoming") is another similar alternative.



Alexandra and Olivia sound like they could be sisters, and Alexandra has the same four syllable sound as Olivia. It's a classically beautiful name meaning "defender," and just like Olivia, it yields so much nickname potential (like Sasha, Alex, or Allie).



While this name may not initially read as similar to Olivia, Aspen is also the name of a tree if a nature-inspired name is what you're after. This is also a nice option if you like gender-neutral names.

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